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New! Summer Course Highlights

Whether you join us on campus for the beautiful Portland summer or take a UP class online, you will find something to spark your interest and ignite your passion! These are just a few of the great offerings this summer. 

First Session (6 Weeks, May 13 - June 20)

HST 220 Search for Justice (Online): Through an examination of the theme of justice spanning three continents and two millennia, this course aims to show the practical value of history. This course will provide students with a set of tools and ways of thinking that will help students live more fulfilling and meaningful lives and contribute to creating a more just world. The Search for Justice will also teach students how to better navigate our complex world, more fully understand oneself, and develop meaningful connections with others. To better accommodate busy summer schedules, this online course will consist of a mix of asynchronous lecture material and zoom class discussion meetings.

PHL 150A Engaging Philosophy (Online): Some of the most interesting, self-defining, and meaningful questions are among the most difficult to answer. In this class, we discuss issues ranging from the existence of God to questions about our mental life, and how our mental life affects, and contributes to, our identity. We will study and critically evaluate different approaches to these topics, so that we are not merely reading or memorizing theories but deeply engaging with them, applying them to our own lived experiences and assessing their strengths and weaknesses.

SW 101 Social Work and Social Justice (Online): Are you looking for an opportunity to learn more about the social work profession (a practice-based vocation which promotes social change, human development and liberation of peoples)? Are you curious about the histories and policies that informed current social justice issues like housing insecurity, mental health, and poverty? Do you want to conduct research on a social issue of your choice to learn how that population has, and continues to resist historical oppression? If you answer yes to any of these questions, Introduction to Social Welfare and Social Justice is the course for you! By the end of this summer class you will understand dynamics of power, privilege, and oppression, and learn about practices that advance social, economic, and environmental justice. You will also understand how social workers intervene to solve problems with individuals, families, small groups, communities, and organizations and differentiate social work from other human services professions.

PSY 392B Relationships: There is an epidemic of loneliness around the world, perhaps the greatest threat to our emotional, psychological, and physical well-being. And, while reality dating shows might be highly entertaining, do you want to learn more about how to create deeper, healthier, enduring, and close friendships and intimate relationships? Join us for Relationships! Understanding close relationships is among the central goals of social psychology. Examples of topics in this course include the biological bases of attraction and love, relationship formation and dissolution, relational interaction patterns, relationship satisfaction, and the social context of relationships (e.g., the influence of others).

Second Session (6 Weeks, June 24 - August 1)

BIO 302 and 362 Ornithology and Ornithology Lab - crosslisted as CORE 391X Community Science for the BIrds (in-person or online): This intensive course is offered in-person and online. Online students can participate in real-time or access the recorded class sessions to match their own time zone! Learn all about the behavior and natural history of birds, with an emphasis on Pacific Northwest species. The lab includes optional camping field trips to the coast and Bend and weekly birdwatching field trips.

FA 108 The Creative Process in Performative Art (online): Explore a wide variety of subjects, including visual arts, architecture, music, theater, and film. Develop your relationship with different art forms, enhance your creativity, and improve your understanding of different perspectives and cultures. This course fulfills foundation level Core requirement.

PSY 392A Forensic Psychology: Tired of just watching Criminal Minds, the Profiler, CSI, etc.? Join us for Forensic Psychology and learn about this fascinating scientific field! This course will explore the interface of psychology and the law, with a. discussion of Landmark legal cases that pertain to psychology, exploration of options for careers in the field and coverage of forensic topics including police psychology, eyewitness and expert testimony, jury selection, psychopathy, repressed memories, profiling, victimless crimes, the insanity defense, lie detection, and custody evaluations