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Summer Special Classes

Stay for the summer!

Explore your interests or discover a new passion! Take advantage of these special summer courses.

First Session (6 Weeks, May 13 - June 21)

BIO 302 & BIO 362  Ornithology & Ornithology Lab
BUS 391 Financial Planning for Non-Business Majors
BUS 491/591 Introduction to Data Science
BUS 491/591 IT Object Oriented Analysis and Design
BUS 491/591 Google Analytics
BUS 491/591 APICS: Certification
FRN 205 Accelerated Intermediate French
GRM 105 Accelerated Elementary German
GRM 207 Accelerated Intermediate German
PHL 335 Metaphysics: Self and Identity
SPN 105 Accelerated Beginning Spanish
SW 325 Cultural Diversity & Competence
THE 391 Heaven, Hell, and Hope

Second Session (6 Weeks, June 24 - August 2)

BUS 191 Smart Money I (Lunch & Learn)
BUS 491/591 Entrepreneurial Finance
CHM 191 Chemistry of Food and Cooking
HST 391 Churchill and Hitler
PHL 339/THTR 405 Metaphysics of Shakespeare/Shakespeare in Ashland
PHY 163 Astronomy
PSY 392 Behavioral Genetics
PSY 392 World Cup in Mind and Society
SPN 205 Accelerated Intermediate Spanish
SPN 391 Hispanic Film
THE 327/427 Theological Environmental Ethics
THTR 405 Shakespeare in Ashland