Summer Special Classes

Stay for the summer!

Explore your interests or discover a new passion! Take advantage of these special summer courses.

First Session (6 Weeks, May 18 - June 25)

BIO 302 & BIO 362  Ornithology & Ornithology Lab
BUS 491/591 Customer Relationship Management
BUS 491 Accounting Fraud and Forensics
CHM 191 Chemistry of Food and Cooking
CHM 191 Science in Science Fiction
CHM/CST 391 Communicating Science in Public
PHL 339/THTR 405 Shakespeare in Ashland/Metaphysics of Shakespeare
ENV 162 Introduction to Oceanography
FRN 205 Accelerated Intermediate French
GRM 105 Accelerated Elementary German
GRM 391 Special Topics in German Studies
PHY 163 Astronomy
PHY 391 Scientific Programming with Python
PSY 392 Psychology for Sustainability
SOC/SW 325 Cultural Diversity/Competence
SOC 347 Crime and Justice in Film
SPN 105 Accelerated Beginning Spanish
SW 343 Human Behavior in the Social Environment

THE 391/491 Theologies of Encounter

Second Session (6 Weeks, June 29 - August 6)

BUS 491/591 Design Thinking in Healthcare
BUS 491 Sports Finance
BUS 591 Customer Experience
BUS 591 Creativity, Innovation, Design
BUS 591 Evolution of Business Strategy
GRM 207 Accelerated Intermediate German
HST 391 Churchill and Hitler
SPN 205 Accelerated Intermediate Spanish
THE 391/491 Environmental Justice