Meet Our Student Ambassadors

Meet University of Portland's student ambassadors. Among them they've done just about everything there is to do at UP: founded and participated in student clubs, volunteered for service projects, studied abroad all over the world, played intramurals (and won championships), conducted research, and lived on campus. Watch to learn more about them and their experiences on The Bluff. 

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Zachary Sessa

Zachary Sessa - Class of 2021
Social Work & Spanish double major with a minor in Political Science

"I enrolled at UP because it gave me the best of both worlds in multiple ways."

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Meghan Powers

Meghan Powers - Class of 2021
Organizational Communication & Social Justice

"From the moment I walked on campus I could feel the welcoming community energy I desired in a University! "

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Maggie Loft

Maggie Loft - Class of 2021
Secondary Education & History

"I chose UP because as soon as I visited campus I was able to tell how strong the sense of community was here. I knew I would be welcomed and supported, and the small class sizes meant I would get to have these strong relationships not only with my peers but with my professors as well."

Learn more about Maggie Loft

Robbie Herrera

Robbie Herrera - Class of 2021
Business Marketing

"I enrolled in UP because of its Catholic identity, renowned business program, and unique dorm culture!"

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Camryn Hagihara

Camryn Hagihara - Class of 2021

"I enrolled at UP because I loved the feel of campus; the warm, welcoming feel of the students and the size of campus and the classes made me confident that I would be able to make friends and be successful academically. "

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Danny Politoski

Danny Politoski - Class of 2021
Economics & Environmental Science

"UP has the perfect combination of location, small class sizes, and a beautiful campus with lots of green space."

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Angelica Garcia

Angelica Garcia - Class of 2022
Philosophy & Political Science

"I love the small class sizes and having the college-town feel while still having easy access to the big city!"

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Katherine Lund

Katherine Lund - Class of 2022

"I love that UP is proud of their Catholic identity. They also have an amazing Nursing program that I am so blessed to be a part of."

Learn more about Katherine Lund

Samantha Dela Cruz

Samantha Dela Cruz - Class of 2021
Nursing with minors in Psychology & Political Science

"I enrolled at UP primarily for the Nursing program but after visiting the campus, I felt at home seeing the great community UP has here as well as all of the opportunities and resources available here on campus as a student."

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