Zuleyma Zambrano | University of Portland

Zuleyma Zambrano

Zuleyma ZambranoMajor: Nursing
Class of 2024

Why did you decide to enroll at UP?  I decided to enroll at UP because of their nursing program. Giving back to my community is so important to me and I realized UP involves the concept of social justice into their nursing program and that’s when I knew that they cared about providing the right tools for our careers.

Favorite spot on campus: The library has become my favorite spot on campus. Everyone is always so friendly that I end up studying with multiple people and meeting new friends.

Favorite UP class: Nursing 306. Our simulation course because we worked with actors which makes clinical so much more real.

What are your plans after UP? After UP I would like to go back to New Mexico to continue my education and pursue a career as a nurse practitioner.


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