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Pilot Speak

New Pilots and visitors alike need to know the lingo of The Bluff. If someone asks to meet you at the Pilot House after class in BC Aud or to go to Espresso UP the day after Founder’s Day, you might want to know what they’re talking about! Read on…

Academic Terms

The Bulletin — The academic catalog of all of the courses offered and program requirements

Capstone Project — This refers broadly to the major-specific senior projects, thesis seminars, and recitals, which many seniors (and a few juniors) complete as a highlight of their academic program(s). In the spring of each year, on Founder’s Day, there are many public presentations and poster displays of such projects, which are open to all students and faculty to attend.

CAS — The College of Arts and Sciences; the largest, most populated academic program at the university.

Clinicals — All School of Nursing students serve in clinical rotations at local hospitals and health care facilities beginning their junior year.

The Core — (or Core Curriculum) Courses that every student is required to take and are designed to make sure you receive a well-rounded education.

Home Base Group — A group of students who share a seminar-style workshop class together during their first semester at UP.

PACE — Pacific Alliance for Catholic Education. A program for students to live in community and teach in local Catholic schools.

P-4 — A professional preparation program designed for students in the Pamplin School of Business.

Buildings and Geographic Locations

The Anchor — A coffeehouse style study space available in Haggerty Hall where you can enjoy a latte or gelato

BC — Buckley Center. This central building on campus contains classrooms, campus departments, and faculty offices.

BC Aud — (pronounced “Odd”) Buckley Center Auditorium. Adjacent to BC, this is the largest classroom on the Bluff and is often used for various films and programs.

The Bluff — Referring to the geographical feature upon which the campus is built; it is also a general nickname for the entire campus.

The Commons — Bauccio Commons is the primary on-campus dining hall for both students and faculty to enjoy.

Hag-Ty — The combined name for Haggerty and Tyson Halls.

L-P Center — The Louisiana-Pacific Tennis Center. You’ll need reservations.

Mack’s Market — UP’s version of a grab and go convenience store.

Padre — Schoenfeldt Hall. Padre was Fr. Schoenfeldt’s nickname; a long-time member of the UP community and to whom the hall is named after.

The Penthouse — This is the name given to the 8th floor of Mehling Hall, which is the top floor of the tallest residence hall on campus.

Pilot House — A central meeting place located right off the main parking lot, often called the “living room” to the campus. The Pilot House houses the campus bookstore and a pub that hosts Pilots After Dark events.

Quad(s) — Grassy areas near a group of buildings. For example, the grass near Shipstad is called the Eastside Quad, while the grass between Franz Hall and the Chapel of Christ the Teacher is called the Academic Quad and the grass near Villa Maria Hall is called the Westside Quad.

River Campus — Property acquired by the University in 2008 down by the Willamette River that will be developed to add new features to campus.

SLUG Garden — The Student Led Unity Garden. The garden is located just off-campus behind Field and Schoenfeldt Halls.

Study Room — Often a term used to refer to one of the many rooms available in the Clark Library for students to reserve for study groups.

St. Mary’s — Often used to describe the lounge in St. Mary’s Student Center that serves as a study space during the day and an event space in the evenings.

Events and Traditions

Activities Fair — This event held at the beginning of each semester is an opportunity to learn more about and sign up for different clubs and organizations, as well as faith and service opportunities on campus.

All Aboard! — A special orientation event for first year students

Anchors Away! — A special event hosted by the Campus Program Board on the last day of finals week in the Spring semester where faculty and staff can celebrate with students the successes of the year.

The Bacon — A satirical insert published in the Beacon each year around April Fool’s Day

DOD — Dance of the Decades. The major spring semester dance, where everybody dresses up in a costume from his or her favorite decade.

Encounter — The Encounter with Christ Retreat; a popular retreat offered every semester by the Office of Campus Ministry.

Espresso UP — A weekly Wednesday night program from 7-10 pm in St. Mary’s Lounge. You can enjoy free espresso drinks, Italian sodas, and the occasional musical performance, all sponsored by Student Activities and ASUP.

Founder’s Day — It is when the University pauses to celebrate its rich past and its promising future. In recognition of the importance of both the past and the future, the University holds no classes on a Tuesday in April and instead opens its doors to all to learn from the best and brightest students.

Green Dot — UP’s violence prevention program. A choice to intervene in a situation that is potentially harmful is a Green Dot.

Last Thursday — An event held at the end of the school year to celebrate the last day of finals week.

Pilots — The nickname of our students, alumni, and sports teams. Go Pilots!

Pilots After Dark (PAD) — Weekly music and social events every Friday and Saturday night from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. in the Pilot House.

Purple Pride — A student group on campus that supports Pilot athletics.

Riverboat — A special Labor Day weekend event held on the River Campus property.

Rock the Bluff — Campus Program Board’s annual concert held in the Chiles Center each year during Weekend on the Bluff.

Salzburgers — Students and alumni who have studied abroad at the flagship program in Salzburg, Austria

Service Plunge — A pre-orientation opportunity for incoming students to volunteer with local service agencies.

UP Connections — A peer mentorship program for students of diverse identities and multicultural backgrounds at UP

Wally/Wally Pilot — Our campus mascot. He is a very well-respected riverboat captain.

Weekend on The Bluff — The official preview weekend for prospective students.

Victory Bell — This bell is rung every time one of our varsity soccer teams scores a goal on Merlo Field!

Nicknames for Campus Departments

Help Desk — Located in Franz Hall, this is where you go for all your technical support needs.

ISS —  International Student Services, located in Christie Hall.

P-Plant — Physical Plant. The on-campus maintenance team, whom will help you with all your on-campus maintenance issues.

C-Safe — Campus Safety. Our campus security officers will help you with your various safety and security needs.

ROTC — (Pronounced “Rot-see”) The Reserve Officers Training Corps. A branch of the U.S. military. AROTC is Army and AFROTC is Air Force.

Campus Resources

AHD/HD — Assistant Hall Director / Hall Director.

ASUP — Associated Students of the University of Portland, the student government. If you’re a full-time undergraduate student, then you are automatically a member. Representatives to ASUP are called Senators.

The Beacon — The on-campus, award-winning student-led newspaper published every Thursday online at upbeacon.com.

CPB — Campus Program Board is a major branch of ASUP. This student organization is dedicated to bringing large scale social events to campus.

CSC — The abbreviation for Congregatio a Sancta Cruce, the Congregation of Holy Cross, the religious order that has served the University of Portland since it was founded in 1901. Also referred to as “Holy Cross.”

Holy Cross — Although we are a Catholic school, we are not Jesuit, Benedictine, Franciscan, or Diocesan. We are Holy Cross!

KDUP — The student-run radio internet station found on the web at kdup.up.edu.

Life on The Bluff — Your official student handbook.

The Log — Much like how river pilots keep a log of their daily activities, we keep track of what happens each year. The yearbook comes out early in the fall of every year, and is compiled and edited by students.

PilotsUP — The intranet portal for students, faculty and staff. Log in to get your e-mail, announcements and access lots of useful information

Points — Create an account with Bon Appétit food service and you can use your ID card to eat anywhere on campus…as long as the money lasts.

Portland Magazine — The University’s quarterly magazine, published by the Office of Marketing & Communication in Waldschmidt Hall.

RA — Resident Assistant. They’re available to assist students with any issues they may have with life in the halls.

RCC — Resident Computer Consultant. They’re available to assist students with their computer and telecommunication problem in the halls.

Regents — Members of the UP’s Board of Regents, the men and women legally responsible for the University’s operation and mission.

SJC — Service and Justice Coordinators. Students who coordinate direct service opportunities within the resident halls.