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About Air Force ROTC

Our staff is on campus and ready to answer your questions via email at rotc695@up.edu, over the phone at 503-943-7216, or in person in Kenna Hall. We are always actively accepting inquires and applications.

The AFROTC program involves four major components: academic courses, leadership laboratory, physical fitness, and field training. Most degree programs at University of Portland consider AFROTC courses as elective credits. In four years, cadets earn a total of 32 AFROTC credits (six credits each year as a freshman and sophomore, and ten each year as a junior and senior).

Academic courses (i.e. AS10x, AS20x, AS30x, AS40x) build upon one another to introduce cadets to the Department of the Air Force, teach leadership fundamentals, application of air and space power, and explore active duty military life. During the first two years, cadets attend one 1.5-hour class per week focused on military structure, culture, and history along with general officership. As an upper classman, cadets attend one 3-hour class (may be broken into two 1.5-hour sessions) per week designed to teach individual and team leadership, military supervision, and applicable laws and policies.

Each semester, cadets also attend a 2-hour leadership laboratory (i.e. AS11x, AS21x, AS31x, AS41x; commonly Lead Lab or LLAB) once per week designed to teach and apply military customs and courtesies and leadership skills in all sorts of circumstances. Lead Lab is considered the most fun part of ROTC. During the class, cadets get hands-on training, including visiting nearby facilities, conducting mobility exercises, practicing drill and ceremonies, or working on team building and leadership exercises—all to help prepare cadets for life on active duty.

AFROTC cadets conduct physical fitness training for one hour twice per week for UP students and once per week for cross-town students. Training often includes running or other aerobic conditioning, calisthenics, and/or various sports. Physical fitness training is typically conducted early in the morning or in the evening to avoid conflicts with other classes.

After your first two years, if you decide to remain in the program and pursue your commission you will attend Field Training. Field Training (FT) is a 2-week encampment at Maxwell Air Force Base, AL where cadets are evaluated on their potential to be officers. Cadets are evaluated on leadership and followership principles through group leadership projects, deployment exercises, and physical training. After FT, cadets become Professional Officer Course cadets charged with running the Cadet Wing in various leadership positions. These leadership positions range from preparing cadets for FT, planning events, and overseeing the training and development of all cadets.

AFROTC also offers several extracurricular activities and summer programs for cadets. Extracurricular activities include the Mitchell’s Rifles armed drill team, Arnold Air Society and Silver Wings community service organizations, Spaatz Air Corps morale and welfare organization, and Civil Air Patrol small aircraft familiarization. Summer programs vary year-to-year and generally include internships, base visits, and exchanges.

Current As Of: 1 May 2024