Students may participate in the Air Force ROTC program whether or not they have a scholarship. A variety of scholarships are available for highly qualified candidates to pay for their education. Scholarships generally cover tuition, fees, and books, up to a cap based on specific scholarship along with a monthly stipend.

High School Scholarship Program

The first way to earn an Air Force ROTC scholarship is to apply for a scholarship out of high school. The deadline for the High School Scholarship Program is ordinarily mid-January during the student’s senior year in high school.

In-College Scholarship Program

The second way to earn an Air Force ROTC scholarship is through the In-College Scholarship Program. The AFROTC staff nominates qualified candidates for the In-College Scholarship each year; there is not an online application for an In-College Scholarship.

Scholarships of either type are offered to the best qualified candidates based on their:

  • Demonstrated leadership
  • Air Force Physical Fitness Assessment score
  • Cumulative GPA
  • SAT/ACT scores (or AFOQT scores for In-College Scholarships)
  • Medical clearance

Additionally, the Air Force maintains a list of highly-desired academic majors at

University of Portland Subsidies for AFROTC Scholarships

University of Portland offers room and board subsidies to scholarship winners depending on the level of scholarship:

  • Type 1: Students receiving a Type 1 (Full Tuition) AFROTC scholarship will also receive full room and board subsides at UP.
  • Type 2: Students receiving a Type 2 (up to $18,000 per year) AFROTC Scholarship will receive a room subsidy at the university. This includes students who convert their Type 7 scholarship to a 3 year, Type 2 scholarship.

University of Portland Financial Aid for ROTC

University of Portland Merit Scholarships

UP offers numerous merit-based scholarships to eligible applicants. These start at $12,000 and top out at $33,000 per year.  These can be used in conjunction with AFROTC scholarships. For specifics, please contact the Financial Aid office at University of Portland.

Find out more regarding scholarships or application requirements, please see or contact us at or 503.943.7216.

Last Updated 12 Jul 2021