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Academic Support

Student is struggling with study skills, time management, or specific courses

  1.  Encourage the student to contact the Shepard Academic Resource Center for academic support resources by calling 503-943-7895 or visit
  2.  Submit a Care Team referral

Student is demonstrating poor performance, has excessive or extended class absences, or not turning in assignments

  1.  Submit an Academic Warning
  2.  Provide outreach to the student
  3.  Submit a Care Team Referral

Student demonstrates behavior or disrupts class

  1. Discuss concerns with Associate Dean for support around classroom management strategies
Student is considering dropping a class, taking a medical leave of absence or regular leave of absence
  1.  Have the student make an appointment with their program counselor
  2.  If the student wants to pursue a medical leave of absence, have the student make an appointment with their Associate Dean. More information is available on the Medical Leave of Absence website.

Student reports or shows signs of disability impacting learning or classroom environment

  1.  Encourage the student to contact Accessible Education Services at 503-943-8985 or go to


If you have any questions, please contact
Associate Director for Student Academic Support
at 503-943-8716