Physical Health Support | University of Portland

Physical Health Support

Urgent physical symptoms or injuries

  1.  Call Campus Safety at 503-943-4444 or dial 911
Non-urgent physical symptoms or injuries
  1.  Call HCC for a non-urgent medical appointment 503-943-7134
  2.  24/7 Nurse Advice Line/ProvRN 503-574-9606
  3.  Providence Express Care Virtual 8 a.m. - 12 a.m.
Student reports sustaining a concussion
  1.  Call the HCC to make an appointment 503-943-7134
  2.  Refer the student to their Associate Dean to coordinate upcoming classes
Student reports possible COVID-19 related symptoms or questions about COVID-19 policies
  1.  Call the HCC to make an appointment for testing 503-943-7134
  2.  Fill out a COVID-19 reporting form
Student reports needing support for sexual health such as pregnancy, STD testing, or preventative care
  1.  Call the HCC to schedule an appointment 503-943-7134
  2.  Visit


If you have any questions, please contact
Associate Director for Student Care
at 503-943-7709