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Resources for Faculty and Staff

Academic Warning or Care Team Referral?

When faculty members have a concern about a student for any reason, please reach out to the student to attain further information.  Ask the student to meet with you during office hours or send the student an email.  For advice on reaching out to students, please contact a department chair or discipline leader, or the associate dean of your unit.  Depending on the student’s response, or if the student does not respond, please submit an Academic Warning or a Care Team referral.   

Academic Warnings may be submitted at any time during the semester.  The earlier an academic warning is submitted, the more time the student has to turn things around in a course.  Multiple academic warnings may be submitted during the semester for the same student.  Once an Academic Warning is submitted, the student receives a copy, making them fully aware that they are in trouble in the course.  The student’s associate dean also receives a copy and will often do further outreach to the instructor and the student, especially for those students who are already struggling and/or receive Academic Warnings in multiple classes.  

 Please submit an Academic Warning for the following:

  • Poor test or quiz performance
  • Inadequate preparation/study habits
  • Poor class participation
  • Sporadic attendance that is impacting the student’s overall performance
  • Incomplete or late assignments
  • Course comprehension
  • Any other reason that the professor feels is vital to success that is not being met

Submit an Academic Warning by clicking here.   

 A Care Team referral (formerly an Early Alert) may be submitted at any time during the semester.  

 Please submit a Care Team Referral if a student:

  • Expresses significant personal or family problems in conversation, emails, or assignment
  • Has experienced a death/significant illness of a family member or friend
  • Has been hospitalized, injured, or experiencing a significant illness
  • Has indicated severe resource insecurity affecting access to housing, food, academic books/supplies, or any other basic needs
  • Has been absent for several class periods with no communication

 Submit a Care Team Referral by clicking here.

View the link below for more ways faculty and staff can support student wellness: