UP Faculty & Student Grants

Faculty/Staff Grants for Diversity, Inclusion, and Internationalization

 2021-22 CISGO DII Grant Applications for Faculty, Staff, and Students are Closed.

In support of VISION 2020 and the University of Portland mission, CISGO will continue the University-wide efforts to infuse a greater sense of internationalization and diversity into the UP Community.

You are invited to submit a grant proposal to advance diversity & inclusion on campus. View this report of 2019-20 grants.

Grants are available for the following purposes:

  • Course/program enhancement to include diverse perspectives, global and intercultural learning outcomes, and other inclusive pedagogies
  • Research or an international issue or topic pertaining to equity, diversity, inclusion
  • Diversity/Inclusion/Global Learning/Intercultural Awareness Training

Grants up to $1000 USD are available to participate in training/professional development related to diversity and inclusion or international/intercultural awareness. These funds are for registration and travel expenses.

Grant funding will be based on the following criteria:

  • Clarity of the plan to the reviewers.
  • Explicitness of the explanation of how the funding will benefit students and advance a more inclusive campus environment.
  • Course enrollment/hours generated.
  • Funds for training are given higher priority when combined with regular faculty development funds.

CISGO Student Seed Grants for Diversity, Inclusion, and Internationalization

2021-22 CISGO DII Grant Applications for Faculty, Staff, and Students are Closed.

An additional pool of $5,000 will be set aside for students seeking seed grants.

  • CISGO seed grants can be used for academic and/or field experiences that help provide greater understanding of international, intercultural, and/or development issues.
  • Funds may be used for:
    1. Professional development such as conferences, workshops or seminars that deal with international themes related to course work and intercultural competency training.
    2. Costs incurred to carry out research or field-work related to international issues and/or intercultural competency.
  • Funding request may not exceed $500 USD.

Please note: All recipients of these grants will be responsible for sharing their project with the UP Community.

Grants may not be used for stipends paid directly to the grant recipient.