Office of the Controller

Update  March 20, 2020

The Controller's Office will temporarily accept electronic submission of payment requests while the University is closed due to COVID-19. Please combine all documents into one PDF file and submit to Payments will continue to be processed but please note there may be some delays. Thank you for your cooperation during this difficult time.

Update  May 29, 2020

For information and guidance on Covid Professional Development Travel please see our Policy Page.

  • General Accounting, Purchasing, and Accounts Payable (Located on the 5th Floor, Waldschmidt Hall)

  • Payroll (Located on the 1st Floor, 110 Waldschmidt Hall)

  • Student Accounts (Located on the 1st Floor, 130 Waldschmidt Hall)

Mileage Note

As of January 1, 2022, the mileage rate is $0.585/mile. Miles driven in 2021 will be reimbursed at the then effective rate of $0.56/mile.


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