Purchasing Card Program Description | University of Portland

Purchasing Card Program Description

The University of Portland purchasing card program is designed to make the purchasing process both convenient and well-controlled. On this page you will find information about how to obtain and use your purchasing card. Cardholders are responsible to know and adhere to the policies outlined in the Purchasing Card Handbook. Please review this information carefully.

Purchasing Card Handbook

Pcard Reimbursement Process and Procedures

  • Personal use of a UP issued Pcard is prohibited but we understand that mistakes can happen.  Excessive and repeat personal use of the Pcard may result in the termination of your Pcard.

  • Reimbursement of personal usage of a university issued Pcard needs to be completed before the close of the cardholder review period in the month following the purchase.  The statement calendar is below for reference.

  • Preferred method of reimbursing personal Pcard transactions is through the Pcard Reimbursement Portal.  Use of your UP issued Pcard for reimbursements will result in the immediate termination of your Pcard.
  • Upon completion of the payment, a confirmation email will be sent with payment information.  This email needs to be uploaded into Wells Fargo as supporting documentation for the personal transactions. 

  • Alternative reimbursement method is to bring a check and the Personal Charge Reimbursement Deposit Slip to Students Accounts, Waldschmidt Hall 110.

Pcard Reimbursement Portal

Lost or Stolen Cards —
Contact Wells Fargo Directly, 800.932.0036

For other inquiries, please contact pcard@up.edu