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Direct Deposit

All employees and students are expected to establish a direct deposit bank account to receive payments from the University for loan disbursements, student account refunds, paychecks, and travel and expense reimbursements. Some of the benefits of direct deposit include:

  • Promotes sustainability.
  • Eliminates the possibility of lost/stolen checks.
  • Enables faster, more secure deposits while reducing the possibility of theft and fraud.

Both employees and students can set up direct deposit with their bank accounts through Self-Serve Banner under "Personal Information".  

If at any time you need to update your banking information you can log in and update your account in Self-Serve. 

We do understand that there are some situations when arranging for direct deposit is not possible. In these cases, please complete the Direct Deposit Opt Out Form.

Our direct deposit system works with any domestic bank account, but if you want to establish an account with a nearby branch, the following banks have branches within two miles of campus:

Chase Bank*
6850 N. Lombard St.
1.40 miles from campus
*chase bank has an ATM on campus

U.S. Bank
7340 N Philadelphia Ave
2.2 miles from campus

Umpqua Bank
3333 N. Lombard St.
1.36 miles from campus

Bank of America
2800 N. Lombard St.
1.66 miles from campus

Wells Fargo Bank
8330 N. Ivanhoe St.
1.40 miles from campus

Key Bank
6815 N. Lombard St.
1.40 miles from campus

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