Budget Process Timeline | University of Portland

Budget Process Timeline

The Vice President for Financial Affairs is responsible for Accounting, Budgeting and Reporting. 

Budget status reports sent monthly to all divisions/departments which require budget coordinators/managers to review and respond to flagged variances.  The Budget Office maintains a Teams site where reports and other budget information is available to those responsible for budget monitoring/reporting.


  • Approval of Tuition & Housing rate ranges by the board for next year
  • Budget enrollment for next year
  • Major Parameters set
  • Forecast current year
  • Budget Development requesting


  • Budget Working Group committee meetings
  • BWG communication of budget approvals
  • Finalization of rates and enrollment approved by board
  • Update current year forecast


  • Salary planning with Human Resources
  • Final approval of budget with board
  • Budget Development preparation for uploading to Banner
  • Salary letter distribution
  • Final forecast of current year