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Accounts Payable

Where should reimbursement and payment requests be submitted?

Reimbursement and payment requests, accompanied by original receipts when necessitated, should be submitted to the Office of the Controller in Waldschmidt Hall – 5th Floor.

When are accounts payable checks available?

Accounts payable checks are routinely cut on Wednesday of each week. Checks are mailed or available for pick up on Friday. Checks can be held for pickup at accounts payable in Waldschmidt Hall – 5th Floor. Barring further instruction, checks will be placed in the mail for delivery to the payee address.

What do I do if I lose a check?

If you lose a check issued to you by the University of Portland, please complete the Lost Check Form.  Once this is done a stop-payment will be placed on the original check. This action will make the original check VOID. If you cash or deposit the original check after completing the Lost Check Form, you will be liable for any bank charges that result.

Students will be assessed a $50 check reissue fee. This fee may be waived by the Controller's Office provided that you establish a direct deposit arrangement before the replacement payment is issued. All students are strongly encouraged to arrange for direct deposit of payments from the University. If you choose to pay the fee and have a paper check reissued, please first confirm your address in Banner Self-Serve. Note that replacement checks cannot be issued for a minimum of ten (10) days following the submission of the Lost Check Form.

What happens if my check is outdated?

Return the outdated check to accounts payable, 5th Floor Waldschmidt Hall. Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for the replacement check to be processed. A $50 processing fee will be assessed unless the reissued payment is paid by direct deposit.

What is the time limit for turning in a reimbursement request?

Reimbursements must be substantiated within 60 days after the expense has been paid or incurred.

What are original receipts?

The Internal Revenue Service has record-keeping requirements on reimbursements for business-related expenses. Original receipts are required for any reimbursed individual expense. An original receipt constitutes a document procured from the entity which provided the product/item/service purchased.  Such document must contain the date of purchase and the amount of the purchase. In the instance when a purchase is not made in person (telephone transactions, Internet orders) some form of substantiation that states the price, payment and date is expected i.e., order confirmation, invoice upon receipt, business card with amount, etc. In rare instances when substantiation is truly not possible, a written explanation indicating date, amount, payment form and business reason may be accepted. Personal credit card statements indicating the charge to the card are not acceptable as an original receipt. (One exception to the submission of a personal credit card statement is allowed when the expense is not stated in United States currency. Credit card statements will provide the conversion from a foreign currency into United States dollars.  In this circumstance a credit card statement should be forwarded along with the original receipt for the charge.)

What is a detailed receipt?

Restaurants include a detailed receipt when the bill for a meal is received. The detailed receipt provides an itemization of what was ordered during a meal. Internal control purposes dictate the need for a detailed receipt. This document should be included along with the evidence of payment.

Where can I get a current account listing?

The Account Listing contains a list of the most frequently used accounts. Account numbers extend beyond those listed in the document, so if the specific account you seek is not listed, please contact the controller's office.

Direct Deposit

What is direct deposit?

Direct deposit is a secure, confidential method of receiving payments electronically directly to your bank account.

Why should I use direct deposit?

  • Eliminates the possibility of lost checks
  • Enables faster, more secure deposits while reducing the possibility of theft and fraud
  • Promotes sustainability on campus
  • Works even if you are away

What is paid by direct deposit?

  • Payroll
  • Student financial aid refunds
  • Expense and travel reimbursements
  • Student stipends

How do I sign up for direct deposit?

To sign up for direct deposit, log into Self-Serve through Detailed instructions are available for setting up direct deposit and modifying your existing allocation.

Direct Deposit Set Up Instructions 

Updating Your Direct Deposit

I like receiving a check since it has all of the pay information on it. Will I receive any information if I sign up for direct deposit?

Yes. You will receive an email notification that your pay has been processed, and a digital copy of your pay stub. You will receive the same information as you would a paper check.

The system allows me to select only one bank for my direct deposit payments. Can I elect to have payments go to multiple accounts?

No. When you sign up for direct deposit, all payments will be paid to the financial account that you set up.

The bank name is not appearing next to the routing number when I enter my bank information.

Be sure that you entered a 9-digit number.

Your bank might not be entered into the system. Please contact or 503.943.8712 for assistance.

Can I have payments deposited into a foreign bank account?

No. You can only have funds direct deposited to a domestic (USA) bank account.

How do change my banking information?

Log into Self-Serve through, click on the Personal Information tab, then Direct Deposit Setup/Update.

Step-by-step instructions are also available at Updating Direct Deposit Account Information.

I closed/changed my bank account information and I did not receive my payment.

Please email or call 503.943.8712.

I had a check issued to me that has been misplaced, can I get it reissued?

Yes, but there may be a $50 fee to process the replacement check. The fee can be waived if you sign up for direct deposit.

If I don't sign up for direct deposit, will it affect my student accounts refund?

Yes. The University will process student refund payments for those who have signed up for direct deposit more frequently than those who are receiving checks.

Can a Parent Plus loan refund be direct deposited?

No. Parent Plus loan refunds must be issued via a paper check.

How long is my direct deposit account information kept?

The University will keep your bank account active until you inactivate it, graduate, or terminate employment.


How do I allow/terminate an employee's access to Banner budget information?

The budget director for the account number that you would like an employee's access changed will need to complete the "Banner Budget Access/Termination" form.  Once submitted, it will take approximately 2-3 business days for the change to become effective.

What is an interdepartmental transfer?

Interdepartmental transfers are transactions made through journal entries that allow for the transfer of monies between two or more departments. Inter-departmental transfers are processed through the controller’s office. Please allow up to two weeks for an interdepartment transfer to post to Banner. The Interdepartmental Transfer Form can be filled out electronically and emailed by an authorized signer directly to the controller’s office for processing.

Can I get training on Banner finance module?

Individual, one-on-one training on navigating the budget is available. On occasion a group training session will be provided for individuals who prefer instruction in a group setting or who wish to brush up on their Banner knowledge outside of a personal training session. Contact the finance office for information on the next group training.


What is the mileage rate?

The standard mileage rate for employees who use their own vehicles for business purposes can be found on the home page for the controller's office. Employees who use the business standard mileage rate do so in lieu of payment for all fixed and variable costs of the automobile allowable to business purposes.

Do we have a travel policy?

In order to ensure that University policies and IRS compliance are met with respect to employee and student reimbursements, the University Travel and Entertainment Policy should be used as a tool to aid you through this process.

Where do I get an IRS Form W-9?

Click here to access the current IRS Form W-9 and instructions in PDF format.

May I receive my Form W-2 electronically?

The University of Portland now provides tax Form W-2 in electronic format. The employee completes a simple process through Banner Self Service. See Electronic W-2s PDF for more information on how to complete the process.