Expense Reimbursement | University of Portland

Expense Reimbursement

Expenses are paid under the accountable plan rules described in IRS Publication 463 which requires specific documentation to be provided within 60 days of expenditure as follows:

  • Documentation must include an itemized receipt which shows the date, the vendor, and the total amount paid. If the receipt is missing, a Missing Receipt Foremost be completed by the employee to obtain reimbursement. In addition to the detailed receipt, expenses must include documentation describing the business purpose of the expense and, for travel and entertainment related expenses, identify who was present.
  • The University reimburses fuel receipts for University-owned or rented vehicles and approved student club travel only. Employees’ personal vehicles are reimbursed on an approved per mile rate when the employee is required to travel from one business location to another during the day or to a location other than the employee’s normal place of work when that location results in a longer commute. The current mileage reimbursement rate is stated on the Home Page of the Controller's Office. University-owned vehicles assigned to an individual for mixed business/personal use are governed under separate rules.
  • The University does not pay “per-diems” except in accordance with NCAA athletic travel, where NCAA rules apply, for grant-funded travel when so specified by the grant and for certain other situations by arrangement with the Controllers' Office and with approval of the President. See item #8, under Travel Policies (Employees).
  • The use of advances for travel expenses should be kept to a minimum. When it is necessary, advances may be paid no more than 14 days before expenses are incurred (allow 1 week to process the request) and must be accounted for within 60 days.