Lost Check Replacement | University of Portland

Lost Check Replacement

If you lose a check issued to you by the University of Portland, please complete the Lost Check Form that can be found under "Forms" on the Controller's Office web page. Once this is done a stop-payment will be placed on the original check. This action will make the original check VOID. If you cash or deposit the original check after completing the Lost Check Form, you will be liable for any bank charges that result.

Students will be assessed a $50 check reissue fee. This fee may be waived by the Controller's Office provided that you establish a direct deposit arrangement before the replacement payment is issued. All students are strongly encouraged to arrange for direct deposit of payments from the University.

If you choose to pay the fee and have a paper check reissued, please first confirm your address in Banner Self-Serve. Note that replacement checks cannot be issued for a minimum of ten (10) days following the submission of the Lost Check Form.