Travel (Non-employee) | University of Portland

Travel (Non-employee)

  1. With prior authorization from Human Resources, the University will reimburse travel and entertainment expenses for employment candidates. Care should be taken not to exceed authorized budget limitations in this area. If the University is to reimburse expenses paid by the candidate, itemized receipts must be provided.

  2. Reimbursement for travel and expenses related to student athletics (players and recruits) shall adhere to NCAA guidelines. Please contact the University NCAA Compliance Officer for more information. The Athletic Department must provide appropriate documentation and reconciliations for all expenses to the Controller’s Office.

  3. Student Clubs may authorize travel for their members but should adhere to the same general policies followed by the University as to documentation. Please note that when traveling as a member of a student organization or club, other University policies regarding student conduct are still in force.

  4. Student Clubs may reimburse vehicle use by using fuel receipts, the standard University mileage reimbursement rate or the IRS standard mileage rate for “service to charitable organizations”.

  5. Students may be required to travel to complete work for a course. The applicable college or school within the University will determine the amount of reimbursement, if any, in these situations, with policies subject to review by the Controller’s Office. Please contact the applicable College or School for more information.