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OSHA Safety Committee

University of Portland is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all. The mission of the University of Portland Safety Committee is to bring workers and managers together in a collaborative atmosphere to achieve this goal.  The University of Portland adheres to OSHA regulation 437-001-0760 (Rules for all Workplaces) as well as OSHA regulation 437-001-0765 (Safety Committees and Safety Meetings) which required employers to establish and administer a safety committee. This safety committee meets monthly to identify and address safety hazards and unsafe work practices, remove obstacles to accident prevention, and evaluate the overall safety and health program of the University.

UP Employees can view the OSHA safety committee meeting minutes and other documentation on the Pilots UP page.

Safety Committee Members 2020

Sarah Schmits (Chair), Human Resources, Environmental Health & Safety

Susan Lair, Science Lab Coordinator, Radiation Safety Officer

Ryan Kenton, Assistant Professor, Biology

Jeff Brown, Biology Lab Manager, Biology

Jordan Farina, Assistant Professor, Engineering

Tamee Flanagan, Bon Appétit

Sharon Delcambre, Visiting Instructor, Environmental Studies

Shaylene Smith, Hall Director, Residence Life

Joe Cates, Assistant Director, Physical Plant

Emily Reilly, Events, Physical Plant

Brian Tatro, Carpentry, Physical Plant

Danny Hong, Custodial, Physical Plant

Todd Yuriatch, Administration, Physical Plant