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Facilities Services

Facilities Services is the University’s largest non-faculty department. We are responsible for facilities maintenance and repair, custodial services, grounds management, event support services, waste management, pest control, fleet maintenance, furniture maintenance, utilities, and waste management.  Our goal is to maintain a safe, secure, functional, comfortable, accessible, and attractive environment for the University's students, faculty, staff, and community. We are an institutional service, and we strive to provide our services in a transparent, consistent, and equitable manner to all stakeholders.

The Facilities Services department is part of the University Operations division along with Facilities Planning and Construction and Information Services.

The campus includes about 150 acres of land, 40 institutional buildings, and 38 rental house properties. 

Hours of Operation

We're open Monday through Friday 8:00am-4:30pm.

Our office will generally follow the University calendar and observe all UP holidays, but we have staff available around the clock to respond to emergency maintenance needs. If you have an after-hours emergency, please contact Campus Safety at 503-943-7161 and they will notify our on-call staff.



For an emergency, such as an active flood, please call Facilities Services during business hours at 503-943-7306 or Campus Safety anytime at 503-943-7161.

Work Requests

Please submit all work requests through the iServiceDesk link below.

Please note that the iServiceDesk can only be accessed when connected to the UP server. For students living on campus: If you have a maintenance need in your room or apartment, please contact your hall staff first. 

Submit Work Request

New installations, facilities modifications or upgrades

The Facilities Services charge is to maintain, repair, and renew that which exists.  Modifications to existing space(s) (such as tenant improvements) must be approved by the UP Facilities Planning & Construction department.

Approved modifications which fall under the capital funding threshold (under $5,000) will be overseen by Facilities Services.  The requesting department is responsible for funding these requests. These requests will be prioritized as time allows.  Approved capital modifications are managed by the Facilities Planning & Construction department.

UP’s Facilities Planning & Construction department: https://www.up.edu/facilitiesplanning/ 

Email modification requests to:

Jennie Cambier, Associate Vice President, Land Use & Planning cambier@up.edu

            Please include specifics of the request and the operational reason for the need.

Please note: ANY modifications to University facilities or grounds must be approved by the Associate Vice President, Land Use & Planning or the Director of Facilities Services.