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2018-2019 Lectures & Readings

Event podcasts

Bart Simpson as hipster by Matt Lassen

Why Theology Needs Hipsters

presented by Danielle Trollinger, 2/6/18. A Beckman Humor Project event.


William Chafe

The Black Struggle for Freedom: What Black Protest Has Achieved, Yet How Much Remains to be Done

presented by William Chafe, PhD, 2/4/19.


Elizabeth Blake

Dostoevsky's Engagement with the Catholic Literary Tradition

presented by Elizabeth Blake, PhD, 11/12/18.


Bernard Prusak

On the Political and Moral Implications of Growing Religious Non-Affiliation

presented by Bernard Prusak, PhD, 10/9/18.


Fr. Dan Groody

Passing Over: Migration and the Eucharist

presented by Fr. Dan Groody, CSC, 10/3/18.


Fr. Paul Scalia

In Fairness to the Pharisees: The Law, Laws and Lawlessness

2018 Red Mass Lecture presented by Fr. Paul Scalia, 9/19/18.


Thomas Landy

A Guide to College in 8 Contradictions

2018 Zahm Lecture presented by Thomas Landy, PhD, 9/12/18.