Faith and Intellectual Life Discussion Group

Wine and books imageAll UP faculty and staff are welcome to participate in the Faith and Intellectual Life Discussion Group. We read and discuss ideas that matter in a convivial gathering two Friday afternoons each term, fortified by snacks and libations. Meetings are 3:30–5PM in the Murphy Room, on the fourth floor of Franz Hall. Links to readings will be posted here well in advance of the discussion date.

2017-2018 FILDG Dates

9/29, 11/10, 1/26, 3/23
3:30-5PM Murphy Room

Readings for 1/26/2018

On Campus, Failure is on the Syllabus, by Jessica Bennett (for best printing results at the NYT site, click  the Share button in the upper right; eliminates pictures and ads) 

A poem, "Richard Corey," by Edwin Arlington Robinson

Bibliography of Past Readings


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