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Faith and Intellectual Life Discussion Group

Wine and books imageAll UP faculty and staff are welcome to participate in the Faith and Intellectual Life Discussion Group. We read and discuss ideas that matter in a convivial gathering two Friday afternoons each term, fortified by snacks and libations. Links to readings--which are selected by the group-- will be posted here well in advance of the discussion date. ALL ARE WELCOME!

2019-20 Sessions: 9/13, 11/8, 1/31, 4/3

3:30-5PM, Murphy Room, Franz Hall

Readings for 11/8/2019:

Phillip Goff: "Believers Without Belief" from the 2/20/2019 Times Literary Supplement.

Peter Atterton: "A God Problem" opinion piece from 3/25/2019 New York Times

This 9-minute short film, Powers of Ten (1977)

Bibliography of Past Readings