Faith and Intellectual Life Discussion Group

Wine and books imageAll UP faculty and staff are welcome to participate in the Faith and Intellectual Life Discussion Group. We read and discuss ideas that matter in a convivial gathering, with good people and reasonable refreshments, in the Murphy Room (Franz Hall).  Contact Karen Eifler ( if you have suggestions for readings, poems or images to share. Bring a friend!

Gatherings in 2022-23 

All Fridays, 3:30--5PM

9/16, 11/11, 1/27, 3/31

Readings for meeting on 11/11:

Vincent Miller: "Tears & Ashes: Three Ways of Looking at Recent Wildfires in the West," article from March 2022, Commonweal.

Rachel Wheeler: "Innovations in Eco-spiritual Practice," from Eco-spirituality: An Introduction, 2022, Fortress Books.

Mary Oliver poem, "In Blackwater Woods"


Bibliography of Past Readings