2019-2020 Lectures & Concerts | University of Portland

2019-2020 Lectures & Concerts

Event podcasts

Jeffrey Ravel

The Relation Between Revolution and Religion

presented by Jeffrey Ravel, PhD, 2/18/20


Marie Kondo

Why Theology Needs Marie Kondo

presented by UP Senior Theology student Andrew Plasker, 2/11/20


Linda Donaldson

Walking with Two Feet of Love: Following in the Footsteps of Dorothy Day to End Homelessness

presented by Linda Plitt Donaldson, MSW, PhD, 11/5/19


Anne Goetze

Pray to Love

presented by artist Anne Goetze, 10/22/19


Robin Jensen

The Cross and the Crucifix in Visual Art Through the Ages

presented by Robin Jensen, PhD, 9/24/19