What are the charisms of Interdependence, Fidelity & Hope? | University of Portland

What are the charisms of Interdependence, Fidelity & Hope?

Bringing people out of the ravages of the French Revolution tapped every single gift Basil Moreau could discern in his new young Congregation of Holy Cross, and then some. So does the teaching and healing and grace-bringing done by Holy Cross and their co-disciples (all the rest of us at UP fit into that group) today. Interdependence is the Holy Cross charism that captures that robust tapestry of necessary connections. Holy Cross men and women, and their lay collaborators look at the battered world through eyes of Hope that will not be abandoned, a hope that is constantly renewed by the Holy Spirit. Very few hard things worth doing are finished in a day, and so the charism of Fidelity is an animating spirit of Holy Cross that keeps the intentions and actions kindled by Hope moving forward and helping members of Holy Cross communities (again, all of us here) seek the wisdom and talents of our colleagues, taking humble advantage of the reality of our interdependence.