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The application to the Honors Program consists of:

  1. An online application form,
  2. A letter of recommendation to the Honors Program, and
  3. An informational meeting.

The Honors Program application is completely separate from the general University application and opens on September 1 each year. You will need your UP Applicant Portal username and password to complete Honors Program Application, even though the application is separate. If you are having difficulty logging in, contact the Office of Admissions at 503.943.7147 or

When you complete the Honors Program online application form, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Contact Information
  • Name, title/position, employer, and email address of person submitting your letter of recommendation
  • Please either write an essay or upload a video of yourself answering the following questions.  
    • First, let us know what question or questions you would pose to a prospective Honors student on an application to get a sense of their curiosity about the world around them and their commitment to interdisciplinary work.
    • After generating the question(s), please answer yourself.
    • Your essay should be no more than 4000 characters (approximately 600 words). If you choose to record a video it should be no more than five minutes long.  Your video will not be judged on its technical quality—please feel free to use your phone.

The online application form is unable to be saved; prepare your essay in advance and paste it into the application when you are ready to submit. 

If you are unable to complete an online application form, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Scholarly Engagement at 503.943.8624 or to make alternate arrangements.

NOTE: If you are applying through the Lateral Entry Program (which is for current UP students) please use the link provided in your email invitation to apply.

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