Institutional Data | University of Portland

Institutional Data

The Office of Institutional Research updates and maintains various University of Portland (UP) data.  

Institutional Data include:

  • Data Dashboards - Interactive tools for obtaining enrollment, retention, and graduation data of undergraduate and graduate students by college and major
  • Fall Data at a Glance - Snapshots of commonly requested data on enrollment, SAT scores, and high school GPA for most recent fall cohorts
  • Admissions Applications - Snapshot of data on admissions applications and selectivity
  • Common Data Set Archives - CDS files documenting various data on students, admissions, financial aid, faculty, class sizes, and degrees

If you are interested in UP's organizational structure, please consult this Organizational Chart. For information on University of Portland's strategic plan, please see University of Portland's Strategic Plan.

If you are looking for repositories of data that reside externally (e.g. U.S. News & World Report rankings), please see External Resources.