Institutional Data

The Office of Institutional Research updates and maintains various University of Portland (UP) data.  

Institutional Data includes

  • Tableau Dashboards - Interactive tool for obtaining enrollment, retention, and graduation data of undergraduate and graduate students by college and major
  • At a Glance - Snapshots of commonly requested data on enrollment, SAT scores, and high school GPA for most recent fall cohort
  • Admissions Applications - Snapshot of data on admissions application and selectivity
  • Common Data Set Archives - CDS files documenting various data on students, admissions, financial aid, faculty, class sizes, and degrees
  • IPEDS Data Feedback Reports - The Data Feedback Report is an annual report that provides graphs of select IPEDS data and includes a benchmarking group.

If you are looking for repositories of data that reside externally (e.g. U.S. News & World Report rankings), please see External Resources.

For information on University of Portland's strategic plan, please see University of Portland's Strategic Plan: Vision 2020.