Custodial Services | University of Portland

Custodial Services

Responsible for keeping our campus community clean by performing routine cleaning services on a daily and weekly basis. Non-routine services such as carpet extraction, floor maintenance, pest control company coordination and exterior window washing are done on a scheduled, as needed or requested basis.

Custodial Day: maintain residence hall general spaces. 

Custodial Night: maintain academic and athletic building general spaces.

Routine Custodial Tasks: 

  • Cleaning of restrooms
  • Cleaning of classrooms, offices and office suites
  • Cleaning of lounges and study rooms
  • Cleaning of public spaces such as hallways, lobbies and entryways
  • Emptying of recycling and trash receptacles
  • Maintaining and restocking of restroom dispensers
  • Maintaining and refilling of soap and hand sanitizer dispensers

Cleaning Protocols 

  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces 1-2 times per day
  • Clean and disinfect restrooms Monday through Friday
  • Disinfect classrooms and conference rooms Monday through Friday
  • Empty public trash receptacles Monday through Friday
  • Service private offices/trash receptacles once per week


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Julia Marquez

Supervisor, Custodial Day
Image of Gabe Neff.

Gabe Neff

Supervisor, Custodial Day
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Eric Rosales

Supervisor, Custodial Night
Image of Steve Bell.

Steve Bell

Supervisor, Custodial Night