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SEM and Sustainability

The Physical Plant is committed to assisting the University in its goal of sustainability. The Physical Plant is an integral member of the Presidential Advisory Committee on Sustainability, working closely with the committee in carrying out sustainable objectives.

  • Adoption of an energy-efficient appliance procurement policy requiring purchase of Energy Star certified products in all areas for which such a rating exists.
  • Purchasing a portion of our electricity from renewable sources:
    • Approximately 30% of our power comes from low-carbon hydroelectric sources.
    • Currently, 6.5% of our electrical use is "green electricity."
    • Attainment of Silver status in 2013 as a result of participation in Portland General Electric's Clean Wind Renewable Power program. Every year, UP self-directs the maximum amount of its public purpose charge toward the purchase of Clean Wind power. In 2013, UP purchased 1,032,895 kWh of Clean Wind power, resulting in 1,450,753 pounds of CO2 avoided which equates roughly to 1,618,891 miles not driven or 173 trees planted annually
  • Utilizing non-carbon using vehicles as much as possible; e.g. electric utility vehicles.
  • Implementation of a campus-wide recycling program.
  • Establishing a system to review and approve the placement of new campus trash and recycling containers and improving existing containers.