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Furniture Services

Furniture Procurement and Maintenance

All furniture acquisitions must be made through Facilities. Facilities Planning & Construction (FPC) provides furniture as part of capital construction projects, while Facilities Services (FS) replaces furniture at the end of its useful life and offers commonly used furniture items like whiteboards, keyboard trays, bookshelves, and more.

Personal furniture is not permitted within the University, as these can pose safety hazards and a liability to the institution. If you have items that you believe are not approved, you can submit a work order to have them removed.

It's essential to understand that furniture is allocated to a specific location, not an individual. In the event of office relocations, please be aware that the furniture remains with the office.

Furniture Repair

We are committed to extending the life of our furniture through repairs whenever possible. Please submit work requests for furniture repairs at

Furniture Relocation, Removal, and Installation

Requests for furniture relocation, removal, or installation should be submitted through Remember that furniture is tied to a specific location and should generally remain there, unless significant operational changes require a relocation. We are also actively standardizing office layouts to minimize requests for office rearrangements due to personnel changes.

In addition to helping remove or relocate furniture, Events Services provides carrier boxes. If you need boxes for a move, please submit a work request specifying the quantity of boxes needed.

Surplus Furniture

Before considering purchasing new furniture or replacing existing furniture, please check our existing inventory for your needs. We have open hours in the Events Services shop every Wednesday from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm; no appointment necessary. The campus address is the Walter E. Nelson Facilities Building, and the physical address is 6210 N Van Houten Pl.

Furniture Replacement

When standard furniture items reach the end of their useful life and are beyond repair, it's time for replacement. Submit a work request, and Facilities Services will replace the item according to University standards. While we strive to maintain inventory for quick replacements, certain items, like desks, may take 8-10 weeks due to supply chain challenges.

If you are requesting an entire office refresh, please include approval from your respective Dean or Director in your request.

Non-Standard Equipment/Furniture

Non-standard furniture items are typically specific to departmental needs and fall outside the purview of Facilities Services. Examples include carts for materials handling, flat filing cabinets for construction drawings, fireproof filing cabinets, or soft furniture. Departments are responsible for purchasing, assembling, and maintaining these items. Facilities will facilitate the purchase of these items whenever possible, as the department may have better rates and contacts for industrial pieces that will endure longer.

We also do not receive equipment ordered for specific programs at our warehouse. You must schedule delivery directly to your location and have a point of contact within your department.

Residential Furniture

Residence Life is responsible for furniture procurement in the residence halls. Facilities Services will handle furniture repairs as requested.

Technology Equipment

Events Services does not handle moving technological equipment, such as TV monitors or computers. For such requests, please reach out to Information Services or Audio and Visual Services.


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