Events Operations Services

Works closely with University Events to provide a point of contact with Physical Plant to bring together all of the services for events on campus. The events team also oversees the moving, storing and installation of furniture in certain spaces on campus.


Major University Events:

  • Commencement
  • Weekend on the Bluff
  • Orientation
  • Campus visits

Furniture Surplus

The Events shop houses used and overstock furniture. If you would like to use a piece of overstock furniture, please reach out to our Events Operations team to coordinate a meeting to look through the inventory and reserve a piece. After selecting an item, submit a work request to have it delivered to the desired location. 

Furniture Repair/Removal/Installation

For requests regarding repairing, removing or installing furniture, please submit a work request with a description of the furniture and its location. If applicable, please email to schedule a specific data and time most suitable for fulfilling the request. 

Technological Equipment 

Events Services does not handle moving technological equipment, such as TV monitors or computers. For such requests, please reach out to Information Services or Audio and Visual Services.

Additive Furniture

Physical Plant is only responsible for maintaining and repairing existing furniture provided by the University. While Events Services will replace pre-existing furniture if it is damaged, our department is not responsible for purchasing or providing additional furniture. Instead, it is the responsibility of individual departments to purchase and install any additional furniture pieces they acquire. 

Office Moves

In addition to helping remove or relocate furniture for office moves, Events Services provides carrier boxes. If you need boxes for a move, please submit a work request specifying the quantity of boxes needed.


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Joe Reilly

Supervisor, Event Services