Digital Lab/ATSI Workshops

This session covers the basics of the online Canva software. Attendees will learn how to create professional stylized presentations and PDFs.

This session will cover Apple’s basic video editing program from uploading videos, subtitles and ordering video to exporting a finished video product.

Moodle Grade Book
Faculty are invited to attend this working session, which will focus on best practices for converting a syllabus grading scheme into a Moodle grade book. Participants can bring syllabus and leave with a complete gradebook that tracks student grades throughout the semester. Presented by Academic Technology Services & Innovation.

Using a Digital Camera
Learn how become the expert of your Digital Camera, beginning with the basics of operation in this workshops.

This session covers the basic operations of illustrator to begin the process of creating graphics such as posters and web graphics.

This session covers the basics operations of Adobe’s InDesign to be used to create posters, magazines, newspapers and books and many other types of designs.

Introduction to 3D Printing
This session introduces participants to 3D printing using the lab’s Makerbot Mini printer.

Presentation Design
This session will go over how to design a professional and engaging PowerPoint Presentation for any occasion.

This session covers the basic of operating Adobe’s Photoshop, from importing images to basic enhancements and simple edits to create a finished polished photograph.

This session cover the basic of editing a photograph in Adobe’s Lightroom platform from importing an image to the basic tool to quickly enhance a photograph to create a polished final photograph.

Find out how to use VoiceThread, which is integrated into Moodle, to add meaning and rich feedback on student assignments, or create a multimedia collaboration space for group projects. Presented by Academic Technology Services & Innovation.

Moodle Quizzing
Interested in freeing up class time by moving quizzes online? Workshop attendees will learn how to create question banks and quizzes for online assessment. Presented by Academic Technology Services & Innovation.

Academic Media Creation
Learn how ATSI's On the Bluff Studios student production group can aid faculty in creating multimedia audio, video, and graphic design projects.

Creating Video Lectures
Learn how to use CaptureSpace (integrated directly into both Moodle and MediaSpace) to easily capture, upload and share video lectures, presentations and screencasts.  Presented by Academic Technology Services & Innovation.

TurnitIn for Writing and Feedback
ATSI is pleased to welcome guest trainer Micah Aarons from Turnitin. This workshop will cover basics of setting up a TurnitIn assignment and rubric within Moodle. Learn how to view and interpret the originality report, how to use quickmarking, voice commenting, and comment sets in GradeMark for feedback and to engage students in writing.