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Teaching Toolkits

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Teaching toolkits address issues that need to be present in all of our classrooms.


  • Accessible Education Services Faculty Toolbox
    •  A resource developed by AES that provides information and resources around facilitating full access and equal opportunity for all UP students to participate in academic programs and University activities.

Diversity, Inclusion, and Internationalization

  • AAC&U A Vision for Equity
    • Presenting findings from a three-year project on Committing to Equity and Inclusive Excellence, A Vision for Equity shares lessons learned about addressing equity gaps at thirteen participating campuses. This publication details evidence-based interventions focused on improving student success and includes practical examples, models, and resources for identifying and addressing disparities in student outcomes.

  • ADL Creating an Anti-Bias Learning Environment
    • Published by the Anti-Defamation League, this article includes practices to successfully raise issues of diversity and bias in the classroom and a self-assessment checklist.
  • Interfaith America Curriculum for Interfaith Leadership
    • Designed by Interfaith America (formerly Interfaith Youth Core) and Dominican University, this eight-lesson curriculum for college students explores the foundational concepts of interfaith cooperation and examines the history of American religious diversity.

  • Land Acknowledgment
    • You may want to include an acknowledgement in your syllabus or course launch that the space we occupy once belonged to, and was cared for by indigenous people. That full and accurate text is found in this downloadable Word document.
  • Inclusive Teaching Data Base
    • This database exists to help the University of Portland community seamlessly obtain practical and research resources about equitable and inclusive teaching practices, meant to help guide instruction and scholarship. It provides searchable access to a curated group of sources and is not intended to be exhaustive. Please email the database’s curators at inclutch@up.edu to share other equitable, inclusive teaching resources you think are valuable to add for UP’s community.

Ethics in the Classroom

  • Ethical Use of Information - Library
    • Provides a conceptual overview and supplementary resources to assist with: recognizing and avoiding plagiarism, understanding copyright, evaluating fair use, locating images and music that are available for use, and considerations for showing videos.
  • Ethics Across the Curriculum
    • A distillation of some of the ethical dilemmas explored by faculty-student duos through Dundon-Berchtold projects over the past few years.

General Elements of Teaching

  • Solve a Teaching Problem in Three Steps 
    •  Breaks down the problem solving process into three clear steps. From Carnegie Mellon University’s Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence and Educational Innovation website, which provides us with a well-organized set of practical tools for approaching questions about teaching and learning.
  • Syllabus Requirements
    • Elements and statements required of all UP syllabi.

Mental Health

  • Mentally Healthy
    •  Part of the Teaching & Learning Community blog, the Mentally Healthy blog provides information and communications around mental health resources specifically for UP faculty and academic staff.