Public Research Fellows Campus Conversations

March 18, 2022 1:00-2:15 pm and Thursday, March 24 4:15-5:30 pm: The PRF working group College after Covid: Archiving the Present to Imagine UP’s Futures invites you to attend one of two Campus Conversations. we are seeking faculty, staff, and students to participate. A goal of this project is to imagine how the practices of the humanities can help us understand this singular pandemic moment in the university’s history. To do this, we want to put people in conversation with each other, facilitating open-ended discussion and sharing and listening to voices different from our own. We’ll record the audio of these conversations so that they can be a part of our larger project archive. Food and drink will be provided, and no advanced preparation is necessary. Please see the Public Research Fellows site for more information or contact Molly Hiro at

CAS Peer to Peer Technology Training

A series focused on teaching and technology in the current hybrid and online environment offered by faculty from the College of Arts & Sciences. Your colleagues share tools and methods to support the ability of all faculty to teach in a hybrid or online environment.

For recordings of many past Peer to Peer trainings, visit the Moodle BaseCamp. 

Teaching with Technology Workshop Series

Teaching with Technology is an ongoing series of workshops presented by Academic Technology Services that focuses on providing professional development for UP faculty in digital skills and pedagogy. Recordings of many past trainings are available on ATSI's PilotsUP site. 

Digital Lab Workshops

The Clark Library Digital Lab offers free, one-hour workshops to current students, faculty, staff and alumni (space permitting). Past workshop topics for include Graphic Design, iMovie, Podcasting, Canva, and more. Visit the Digital Lab's website for a detailed schedule and to register for a spot.