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Service and Support Animal Accommodation

How to Request a Service and Support Animal Accommodation for University Housing:

Refer to the University Policy on Service and Support Animals for comprehensive information.

  1. Student gathers required documentation from their provider, see AES Documentation Questionnaire

  2. Student meets with AES staff as part of the Accommodation Request process;

  3. Student completes and submits Student Request Form - Service Animal/ESA in University Housing; the deadline for requesting permission to bring a support animal into University-owned housing is 60 days prior to moving into University-owned housing

  4. Once AES approves the request, Residence Life/Physical Plant Staff will place the student in an appropriate room and schedule a meeting for them to review and sign the Animal Checklist together;

  5. Student must submit an annual renewal request to Residence Life (if living on-campus) or Physical Plant (if living in University-owned off-campus housing);

  6. Student Code of Conduct applies (under no circumstances is animal allowed to be in residence prior to completion of all procedural steps);

Additional Information

It is always best to submit your request and documentation well in advance of the deadline for animal requests, as additional information is often needed, and you are advised to allow advance time for processing.

Please note: we will process and allocate housing accommodations on a space-available basis for those accommodations which are received and approved after the deadline.  Requests for emotional support animals (ESAs) that are submitted during a current semester of residence may not be able to accommodated until the following semester of residence, due to sufficient time needed to complete all steps in the process.  If all required information/components have not been completed within a business-week (5 business-days), your request will be returned.

Please note for support animals: The animal must be fully grown in accordance with its growth/maturation cycle and sufficiently mature to meet University procedural requirements, including housetraining status, size planning and compliance with University rules regarding noise, safety, disruption and cleanliness as outlined in applicable University policies and procedures.  Generally, an animal must be at least 1 year old to be considered fully grown.

The student must have owned and lived with the animal for sufficient duration (minimum of three months) to learn appropriate care-taking methods, provide crate-training in a small space, develop animal control methods between student and animal, and provide for foundational work to prepare for student to meet University requirements in bringing animal to University-owned housing.