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Post-Grad Resources

We are honored to have been a part of your journey at the University of Portland and want to congratulate you as you step into your next chapter.

We would love to have the opportunity to meet to learn about your plans for the future and to provide some practical information on how AES can assist you after graduation and make you aware of various other resources that you may find helpful.  We invite you to make an appointment at your convenience.

For your future reference, we have provided some basic information below. Congratulations!

Licensure and/or Entrance Exams  |  Graduate School  |  Career & Job Resources  |  UP Alumni Email

Licensure and/or Entrance Exams

When taking licensure exams, including the Praxis or NCLEX or entrance exams for graduate school such as the GRE and MCAT, you may be eligible for testing accommodations. Please refer to the specific testing website for instructions. Be advised that the request and approval process may be lengthy. It is crucial to start the process well before the exam.  

While AES can provide you with a copy of your Evaluation and Accommodation plan upon request, it is essential to know that documentation requirements for licensure or graduate entrance exams may require additional documentation. Please call, email, or stop by our offices. AES is happy to support you.

Please note that we can only release copies of documentation to a UP email account.  We cannot release to a personal email (yahoo, gmail, etc.).  See below for information on accessing your UP email after graduation.

If you submitted any documentation to our office through Dynamic Forms, that information is available to you!  Here is a brief Sway presentation on how to access your submitted documentation.

If you need assistance with completing a required form, please contact our office.  For the foreseeable future, our office is teleworking and available mostly by email ( or Microsoft Teams.

Graduate School

If you are headed to graduate school, be sure to connect with the disability services office at that institution to begin the interactive accommodation process. Should you need a copy of your Documentation Evaluation and Accommodation Plan, you may request one from AES.

Students continuing at UP are encouraged to contact our office before classes begin to confirm the accommodations for graduate school. 

You can acquire any documentation that you submitted to AES through Dynamic Forms by logging into Dynamic Forms and viewing your "Form History" tab.

Career & Job Resources

AES has a number of web resources available on our summer and post graduate employment resources webpage. We invite you to bookmark this webpage (or links you may follow) for future reference.

UP’s Career Center is another excellent resource for students and alumni. is a nonprofit resource network committed to inclusion of more people with disabilities in the nursing profession. A subscription to the site is required to access the majority of the site’s content – though, some site content is available without a subscription.

Your state Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) office offers various services, including job counseling, guidance, and referral.  To apply for VR services, contact the agency in your state that administers the program. Some state’s department of vocational rehabilitation falls under the Health and Human Services agency, while others come under the Department of Education.

UP Alumni Email

Did you know that your UP email never goes away? Per Information Services, your student email will migrate to an alumni email account 90-days after your status has changed on the system.  The only difference will be that your UP emails will come from an alumni address rather than your student address (example: instead of 

And if you ever lose access to your UP email (expired password, etc.) just contact the Help Desk and they can get you set up again!

Keep In Touch!

Please know that all of us in AES are happy to be a resource for you after graduation to answer questions and provide consultation, if needed. We also appreciate getting updates from you – so keep in touch!  Know that you have our best wishes as you embark on this next chapter!