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Request Accommodations

Accessible Education Services (AES) is a semi-centralized model. Efforts to accommodate students with disabilities are coordinated through AES, but at the same time, much of the implementation is carried out by the students themselves.  

Prospective or accepted students are welcomed and encouraged to contact the Program Manager with questions about the accommodation request process. Continuing students or confirmed freshman/transfer students who wish to exercise their right to accommodations (provisions made to allow equal access to University programs) must formally request accommodations through AES.

To begin the request process continuing students or confirmed freshman/transfer students will need to:

  • Assemble documentation of disability to upload with request. For guidelines, please see Disability Specific Forms and Criteria.
  • Use UP network credentials (network username and password) to log in and complete the online Accommodation Request Form. Form submission will require documentation upload.
  • Monitor UP email account for communication regarding evaluation, recommendation, and plan.

Before classes start, set up appointments to meet with your professors, preferably during their office hours. Talk about your disability, and present each professor with an accommodation letter. Then develop a plan for the semester. 

If you've been approved for alternative text accommodations, exam accommodations, or note takers, you are strongly encouraged to attend an AES Training Session at the beginning of each semester.