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Request Accommodations

The steps below will guide continuing students, confirmed first year students, and transfer students through the accommodation request process.

Late summer and the beginning of the new semester is a busy time for AES. Accommodation requests are processed in the order that they are received. Processing time is generally 4-6 weeks, at which AES will notify students of a determination.

  1. Begin the interactive process by scheduling an appointment with an AES staff member:  Meet with Susan Ayres or Meet with Jordan Winczewski
  2. Assemble documentation of disability to upload with request, AES does not accept documentation via email or fax.  For documentation guidelines see Disability Specific Forms and Criteria. 

  3. Complete the Accommodation Request Form. Access to this form requires the students UP username and password.   Accommodation forms cannot be submitted without uploading the required documentation.

  4. Monitor UP email account for communication regarding evaluation, recommendation, and plan.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for common questions.