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Exploration Level Courses

Specific course offerings by term for advising and registration are available through a searchable app embedded at the bottom of this webpage.

The exploration level of the University Core Curriculum is a new addition to the Core that started in Fall 2022. Classes for this level are designated by an “X” in the course number, with the “X” suggesting the intersection of multiple Core Habits of Heart and Mind and a spirit of interdisciplinary inquiry grounded in the liberal arts. The list of class offerings evolves each semester. All students who entered UP in or after Fall 2021 take two such classes at some point before graduation.

The exploration level is intended to build off the foundation level, so students should wait until making significant progress on foundation level classes before taking exploration courses. Students will be eligible to take exploration courses starting in their sophomore year, but many will wait until junior or senior year in order to have completed foundation level coursework.

The intention of the exploration level is for students to add breadth to their educational experiences, so students should take the opportunity to explore outside their major areas. If, for example, students are majoring in a science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) field, they should look to offerings in the humanities or social sciences. If students are majoring in arts or humanities, they should look to offerings in the sciences. All exploration courses are designed to be accessible for any student who has completed relevant foundation level course work.