Integration | University of Portland


Three students in classroomThroughout their experiences with the Core students should be connecting and reflecting on their various academic experiences at UP. To enhance a sense of integration, all students should also conclude their time at UP with a Core integration assignment (usually undertaken in conjunction with major capstone courses or culminating experiences within a major). The intention is for students to actively think about how the Core Habits integrate with their major and vocational goals and how the Core Habits integrate with each other.

Additionally, an electronic Core Archive serves as a repository for student reflections on Core courses and includes a set of student-selected artifacts that demonstrate their learning from the Core curriculum. During select Foundation and Exploration-level courses, students will upload Core reflections along with documents, presentations, etc. that represent students’ work in each Core course and their integration with different Core Habits. 

As part of Core Integration, students should reflect back on their journey through the Core curriculum and forward on the ways they hope to use their UP education toward a better future.