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Non Degree Seeking Students

  • Graduate non degree students are defined as any student who has completed an undergraduate degree and is interested in taking courses without being enrolled into a program
    • Note: This includes students who are interested in taking an undergraduate course, but have already graduated with a degree
  • Admission and course enrollment do not imply and should not be mistaken for admission into a graduate program at the University of Portland
  • Non degree seeking students cannot accumulate more than nine credit hours at the University of Portland 
  • Courses taken by students in the non degree seeking status may not be applicable toward requirements for a master's degree
  • Please familiarize yourself with the tuition and fees structure in preparation for payment following registration
    • Students who have already earned a bachelor's degree and are enrolling as a non degree seeking students pay graduate tuition (even if the course requested is lower level)
    • Auditing a course (rather than earning a grade) costs half of the regular tuition price
      • Please specify request to audit on the registration form
    • Non degree seeking students are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid

Application Steps and Checklist

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Verify Course Availability

Prior to completing the application and registration form, visit the Dynamic Course Schedule to verify that the course you are interested in has open seats. Non degree seeking students are the last to register for courses. We are unable to process applications until after registration for traditional students has elapsed. Registration must occur before the class begins. Please refer to the dates below to determine when to submit your application materials.

Spring 2024:  November 6 - January 12

Summer 2024:  February 20 - May 12

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Complete Application and Registration Form

Complete the following forms: 

Submit official transcript reflecting bachelor's degree conferred.

  • Electronic transmittal: use as the delivery address
  • Hard copy mailed to: University of Portland Graduate School 5000 N. Willamette Blvd. Portland, OR 97203
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Submit Completed Forms and Application Fee

After the application, registration form, and $50 application fee* are received, the course approval will be sent to the Registrar's Office.  Once the student is registered, the Graduate School will provide details on how to access course materials.

*This fee is waived if you have previously attended the University of Portland or are a current staff/faculty member.