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Financial Aid, Tuition, and Student Accounts

Office of Financial Aid 

For all questions regarding financial aid, please visit the Office of Financial Aid

  • How do I apply for Financial Aid? 

    • Complete the FAFSA. Summer is the first semester in UP's aid year, so verify the completion of the correct FAFSA for the correct aid year
    • Students will be awarded a financial aid package after they are admitted and are registered in at least 5 graduate credits/semester (half-time enrollment status)
      • Note: there are some programs who get awarded before registration since their academic plan is known 
    • Once a student receives their award notification, they can start the applicable Loan Application Procedures 
    • When determining how much to borrow, students are encouraged to review the cost of attendance breakdown.
  • What are the types of assistance available to me as a graduate student? 

    • Direct Unsubsidized Loan
    • Direct Graduate PLUS Loan
    • Alterative Loan (form private lender)
    • Scholarships
      • The Graduate School does not award merit based scholarships to graduate students 
      • Departmental scholarships are awarded by the schools to eligible students 
      • All students are encouraged to apply for outside scholarships
    • Monthly Payment Plan
      • Available fall/spring semesters and administered through Student Accounts

Office of Student Accounts

All students assume financial responsibility for all costs incurred as a result of enrollment at the University of Portland as well as to be aware of their account balance and financial aid information. To ensure receipt of all University correspondence in a timely manner, please be sure your address is updated at all times. Account statement notifications will be sent to your UP email.

For information on tuition and fees, see our Tuition and Fees Page

For detailed information regarding tuition, please visit the Office of Student Accounts

How can students stay informed of their responsibilities?

  •  Read emails sent by the Office of Student Accounts and the Office of Financial Aid regarding important deadlines

  •  Review the "Tuition and Fees" portion of the University Bulletin

  •  Be aware of the refund policy and deadlines for dropping courses or withdrawing from the University

  • Communication is key. Contact the Office of Student Accounts and/or Office of Financial Aid as soon as you are aware of any payment issues or if you have questions. Do not wait until a deadline has passed before asking for help!

Financing Your Graduate Education Tutorial

Watch this Financial Aid overview outlining information on filing a FAFSA as well as multiple options for financing your education including: federal loans, outside scholarships, graduate assistantships, payment plans, corporate partnerships, employer assistance, and Veterans benefits.  Please note that the information in this presentation was current at the time of recording; please review our website for the most up-to-date deadlines and fees (links below).  |  |