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Opus Prize

Congratulations to Dr. Rami Nashashibi, who was awarded the 2018 Opus Prize for Chicago’s Inner-City Muslim Action Network.

2018 Opus Prize Awards Celebration

The Opus Prize is one of the world's largest faith-based awards for social entrepreneurship and University of Portland students and faculty are partnering with the Opus Prize Foundation to select finalists for the 2018 awards.
Each year the Opus Prize Foundation chooses one Catholic university to help it award one $1 million and two $100,000 prizes recognizing individuals who are addressing persistent and pressing social problems. From improving education in Afghanistan to supporting the families of incarcerated women in New York City, Opus Prize laureates are motivated by remarkable faith to create new opportunities for transformation and impact. While the Opus Prize Foundation partners with Catholic universities to award the Opus Prize, the individual or organization receiving it may have roots in any faith.

The year-long partnership between UP and the Opus Prize Foundation supports the work of faith-based, social entrepreneurs around the world while seeking to inspire the next generation of leaders to pursue lives of service.

Hosting the 2018 Opus Prize is an incredible opportunity for UP students, faculty, staff, and the Portland community to engage with faith-inspired champions of change who are addressing the great social issues of our time—anywhere  in the world—and fundamentally changing individuals, families, and communities. 

The University will host all three finalists for a week-long celebration, including an awards ceremony, in Portland November 11-15, 2018. During this week, UP and the greater Portland community will have the opportunity to engage with and learn from these humanitarians who have devoted their lives to service.

Opus Prize Finalists

UP Ambassador Stories

Alex Peterson

Alex Peterson - Class of 2019

"There is an unending pool of memories from which I will continue to draw on in reflection and discernment for the rest of my life."

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Emily Holguin

Emily Holguin - Class of 2019

"I am blessed beyond belief to have been in the presence of these unreal people."

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Nick Krautscheid

Nick Krautscheid - Class of 2019
Secondary Education

"The memories I carry with me from this trip center on the resiliency of the human spirit."

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Brenna Chapman

Brenna Chapman - Class of 2019

"Upon entering IMAN’s office I was amazed by the love and kindness all of the staff members poured onto us. "

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Andrew Nuxoll

Andrew Nuxoll Associate Professor of Computer Science

"One little girl, about 4 years old, insisted on visiting each of us multiple times. She taught us a new gesture they use in India to tell someone they are beautiful."

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