Opus Prize Values | University of Portland

Opus Prize Values

Selection criteria for recipients of the Opus Prize include the following demonstrated values:

  • Social Entrepreneurship — Have the clear vision and ethical commitment necessary to drive change.

  • Transformational Leadership — Lead in a way which results in the transformation of their community as a whole.

  • Sustainable Change — Honor individuals who are successfully addressing the root of social problems in ways that drive locally-owned, short- and long-term change.

  • Faith — Demonstrate faith through their principles, actions, and belief that human life at every stage is sacred.

  • Unsung Heroes — Act as a catalyst, without broad recognition and financial support, to bring support to the individual’s organization, inviting attention and investment.

  • Life of Service — Demonstrate through actions their belief in the value of each person, and that a person’s faith is evidenced by his or her commitment to justice and compassion for others.

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