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Payroll Information

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is the preferred method of making payments to employees at the University of Portland. Employees receive an email message that contains a PDF showing their check stub. Employees without direct deposit will receive a paper check sent via campus mail on payday. If no campus address is listed it will be mailed to a local or permanent address. Direct deposit is a fast, secure way to receive your pay. You don't have to go to the bank and stand in line; you won't lose your check and have to wait for it to be reissued; it is reliable and is in your account the morning of pay day; and it is secure so it reduces the chances of identity theft.

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Payroll Advance

The University of Portland does not normally allow salary advances. If there is an instance of extreme hardship, the employee's manager may send a request to the vice president for financial affairs to approve the exception. Please copy on the email so payroll is aware of the request. If the exception is approved, the advance will be limited to 50 percent of the employee's regular salary or wages and will be deducted from the employee's pay on their next regular pay date. An employee may be approved for only one such exception per calendar year.



Overtime hours are calculated automatically by the computer system. They are based upon actual hours worked above 40 hours per week. The standard work week at the University is Monday at 12 a.m. through Sunday at 11:59 p.m. If any holiday, vacation, or sick time is used during the week, those hours are not counted toward overtime calculations. The system tracks the hours and adds them to the paycheck after the standard work week has been completed. If the pay period ends on a Saturday, all of the overtime for that week will be held over to the following check due to the fact that the work week was not complete. All overtime cannot be calculated until the last day of the work week has been completed.

Oregon Bureau of Labor Industries: Technical Assistance


Guidance for Non-Exempt Employees on Holidays

This is to provide guidance for Campus Safety, Facilities and any other departments with substantial operations by hourly employees working during a Holiday. The University pay week begins at 12:00AM on Monday and ends on 12:00AM on Sunday, each payday begins at 12:00AM.

  1. Employees should record holiday pay for all regularly scheduled hours and hours actually worked (whether regularly scheduled or not) during holidays and shutdown days (defined below); and
  2. Employees should record regular time for any hours actually worked.

Note:  This creates double-time pay for hours worked (regular + holiday pay).  

Student employees, part time staff employees, and adjunct faculty do not receive holiday pay.


University Closure Policy

The President or Provost, in conjunction with the VP of Finance and Operations may close the University due to inclement weather with hazardous conditions or during declared emergency situations outside of regularly scheduled holidays.

To obtain school closure information, employees should watch for text and/or email notifications distributed via the University’s Emergency Notification System. Students, faculty and staff are responsible for assuring that the University has accurate and current contact information for purposes of emergency notifications. Employees can update emergency contact information in the home page of Pilots UP.

Employees should visit the University of Portland homepage, and check the emergency alert banner at the top of the page for the most up-to-date and authoritative information. If there are additional concerns or questions around the closure, employees are encouraged to contact their supervisor.

Staff Pay During a Closure

During a University closure, supervisors will determine which employees are essential and required to work on campus and for how long. Who is required to come to work on campus depends on the nature of the inclement weather or emergency, amount of preparation accomplished before the closure, events scheduled on campus that day, and other factors. University supervisors and department directors will make every effort to minimize the number of staff required to work on campus during a closure.

Non-exempt/Hourly employees required to commute to work on campus during an inclement weather closure are considered essential and compensated at a rate twice their regular hourly wage for all hours worked during a closure. Hourly essential employees who work on campus during a closure should record their time as Regular and Shutdown Worked.

Exempt/Salaried employees required to commute to work on campus during a closure whom are also considered essential, do not receive extra pay as exempt employees, and are paid the same salary irrespective of the number of hours worked. 

In the event of an official University closure, all non-essential staff will be paid their regular pay and may mark the day as a “Campus Closure Day. Exempt and non-exempt employees can record hours not worked as Campus Closure Day in timesheets. Employees with approved remote work agreements are able to work from home during a campus closure for regular pay. Hourly or salaried staff who work from home during a University closure do not receive extra pay.

Should a University closure occur while employees are scheduled for leave time, e.g., sick or vacation, Campus Closure pay, additional wages, or additional time off does not apply. Scheduled sick or vacation leave time will be applied.

Delayed Opening or Early Dismissal

Essential personnel shall report for duty on campus at their normal time if it is safe to do so unless they are directed otherwise by their Supervisors. Essential personnel who report for work on campus will be paid double time for the actual hours worked prior to the time of the delayed opening or after the time of the early dismissal.

Non-essential employees are to report to work at the appointed start time or leave work at the appointed closure time and will be paid for the regularly scheduled workday.

In the absence of an official closing, employees who cannot report to work because of hazardous weather conditions near their home may use available vacation time or unpaid leave. All University employees are urged to use their own discretion in deciding whether they can safely commute to work. If personal health or safety is at issue, responsible judgment should be used. In the event that employees are unable to report to work at the appointed time, they should contact their supervisor within the first hour of the workday.