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Tools for Job Hunting

Job Boards

Two great online tools for job hunting are Handshake and LinkedIn. These websites allow for employers to post job openings as well as for individuals to create profiles highlighting their strengths and qualifications which employers can view. The Career Center offers workshops to help you create the best profile for these websites and can provide you with more information on how to best navigate their search tools.

You can also check out the Student Job Board to see if there are any STEM related positions available. In the past there have been job postings to be a tutor in the math resource center, tutor for athletics, summer research positions, graders, and more!


If you are in search of an internship, you can use LinkedIn and Handshake to find openings or contact Elizabeth Jones from the College of Arts and Sciences. She is the Academic Internship Coordinator and helps students find internships as well as get approval to receive college credit for their internship! For more detailed information, go to