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Past Events

Patent Law Speaker

Speaker Dr. Erin Mondloch visited campus on April 1, 2019 to talk about careers in patent law for scientists. Dr. Mondloch received a PhD in physics from the University of Oregon in 2017 and currently works as a technical consultant at Kolitch Romano LLP where she assists in patent prosecution.  Patent attorneys help clients to obtain and enforce intellectual property right to their inventions. Because these inventions can arise in a broad range of fields and can be technically complex, a scientific background is key to patent-related work. 

Family STEM Day 2019

The UP STEM Center and the KDP Reading Fair proudly hosted the fourth Family STEM event. Members of Kappa Delta Phi, STEM related clubs from UP, and representatives from Roosevelt High School set up booths which featured a variety of reading and STEM related activities. Each participant filled out a passport as they explored each booth and enjoyed story time told by local principals! Completed passports were rewarded with a free book at the end! The spectacular event lasted for 4 hours between 11 am-3 pm on February 24th in the Chiles Center. 

Boundless Horizons

The UP STEM Center hosted Tommy Pham, the patent lead for Nike, in the Spring of 2018 to speak about his job and how he got to where he is. Pham is a UP alum with majors in biology and business.

Family STEM Day 2018

The UP STEM Center and the KDP Reading Fair proudly hosted the third Family STEM event. The focus this year was Exploring the World Through Reading and STEM, using both the members of Kappa Delta Phi and multitude of STEM related clubs from UP and even Roosevelt High School! This year welcomed 222 PK-8 students and 194 of their family members to the spectacular event that lasted for 4 hours between 11 am-3 pm on February 25th in the Chiles Center. Thanks again to the Picketts for funding the event!

Night School Documentary and Panel

Hosted by the STEM Center, School of Sociology, and Kappa Delta Phi, UP students got the chance to watch Night School on February 27th, a documentary about three adults struggling to earn their high school diploma amid the complexities of their lives and social situations. After watching the film, viewers had the chance to participate in a panel discussion featuring Rich Christen and Eric Anctil from the School of Education, and Lauren Alfrey from the School of Sociology.

STEM Grad Panel

In November of 2017, the STEM Center hosted our annual STEM Graduate Panel. Our guest panelists give tips on how to get accepted to graduate school and get financial assistance to further your STEM education and discuss other potential options. Panelist included Thomas Dick from Oregon State University, Heather Dillon from our Engineering department, Erik Sanchez from Portland State University, Steve Wojcikiewicz, head of the UP PACE Program, and Lilian Grundy from the UP PSOBA.

Science Workshop

Tisha Morrell (Education) presented an all-day workshop, Working with NGSS, for close to 250 elementary and middle school science teachers of the Portland Archdiocese at Central Catholic High School on October 13, 2017.

2016 Family STEM Night

On November 17th, 2016, 184 K-8 students accompanied by their family members came to Howard Hall for presentations and activities on STEM subjects. These activities were presented by 47 students (including 4 from PSU) and professors in CAS, engineering, education, and nursing. Some of the activities included origami paper-airplanes, miniature cloud formations, penny stacking boats, and a robotic tank!

UP Pollentia Expedition

Twenty-one UP faculty, students, and volunteers in chemical and biological analyzed key discoveries in Pollentia, Spain including pottery, grave goods, human skeletal remains, etc. Other projects addressed educational goals of the ArchaeoSpain high school field school at Pollentia (in collaboration with ArchaeoSpain leadership) and the development of a digital collection documenting the work of UP faculty and students in global educational context “learning for the world.”

                                            Students at Pollentia Expedition dig site