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STEM Education and Outreach Center Members

Executive Committee

Stephanie Salomone

Stephanie Salomone Chair of Mathematics Department

Letter from Chair

Dr. Heather Dillon PhD.

Heather Dillon Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

"My research is focused on renewable energy and energy efficiency. I typically work on projects that use advanced heat transfer or thermodynamics techniques to address energy problems."

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STEM Leadership Team

Buck Taylor

Buck Taylor Associate Professor of Chemistry

"It’s powerful for students to see how the principles they learn in class can be used to solve the latest research problems."

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Eric Anctil

Eric Anctil Associate Professor of Education

"I am exploring how technology is affecting our relationships to each other, as well as the things we do."

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Benjamin Gallegos

Benjamin Gallegos Assistant Professor of Education

"Ben’s early experiences working with children with disabilities began at the YWCA After-School Program, where he was inspired to become a teacher. "

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Elliot Mylott

Elliot Mylott Instructor of Physics

"Elliot’s work focuses on how to improve physics instruction, particularly for students in the health sciences."

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Laura Dyer

Laura Dyer Associate Professor of Biology

"Dr. Dyer’s research lab focuses on how the coronary arteries connect to the aorta during development and how prenatal alcohol exposure alters cardiac innervation."

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Nicole Ralston

Nicole Ralston Assistant Professor of Education

"As an experienced classroom teacher, research coordinator, and instructional coach, I relish the opportunity to support our district partners by providing much-needed, district-driven research that will support educational change and improvement."

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Jacquie Van Hoomissen

Jacquie Van Hoomissen Professor of Biology

"Jacquie Van Hoomissen's scholarly work centers on two areas including: 1. How physical activity and exercise benefit overall health and wellbeing, and 2. Higher Education change as it relates to adoption of inclusive teaching practices."

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Ryan Kenton

Ryan Kenton Associate Professor of Biology

"My research revolves around the human bacterial pathogen Vibrio vulnificus and its close relatives. Specifically, in my lab, we study how it steals iron from a host, how it expels antibiotics, and where it is located out in the wild."

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Tara Prestholdt

Tara Prestholdt Professor of Biology

"I am interested in marine and terrestrial invertebrates and my research spans many aspects of ecology, ethology, and evolution."

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Amy Beadles-Bohling

Amy Beadles-Bohling Senior Lecturer, Biology

"Collaborative group exams allow students to practice important skills needed for their future professions and to enhance their understanding and retention of concepts."

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 Angela Hoffman - Chemistry


Steve Kolmes - Environmental Science


Hans Nordstrom - Mathematics


Valerie Peterson - Mathematics


Shannon Mayer - Physics


Annie Kaffen - Development


 Robert Butler - Environmental Science


Tammy VanDeGrift - Computer Science


Ronda Bard - Chemistry


Heather Dillon - Engineering


Steven Mayer - Chemistry


Deirdre Katz - Psychology


Tamar More - Physics


Aaron Wootton - Mathematics


Carolyn James - Mathematics


Christopher Lee - Mathematics