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Guidelines and Approval Form For A University Event With Alcohol


This information is offered to assist students, faculty, and staff who are planning events on or off campus which involve the use of alcoholic beverages. The University neither encourages nor prohibits the use of alcohol, and whether or not an individual uses alcoholic beverages remains a personal decision. However, all organizers of University sponsored events at which alcohol is served are held responsible for complying with both the laws of the State of Oregon and the University of Portland’s Policy on Alcohol Possession and Use, and need to submit for approval any proposal to serve alcohol at a function.

Scheduling, setting up catering contracts, and other considerations are important in determining how much time is necessary for advanced planning, but the Vice President for Student Affairs, or his/her designee, makes the final decision on whether or not a proposed event may include alcohol. At least a month’s notice is preferred and, at the discretion of the approver, applications may not be considered if they are submitted less than a full week prior to the scheduled event. Contact the Office of Student Affairs (503-943-8532) with any specific questions you might have.

Laws of the State of Oregon

The laws of the State of Oregon which pertain to the use and serving of alcoholic beverages are very extensive and for some circumstances quite complex. These laws and related regulations are administered by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC), which is also the State's licensing agency. The following information is offered only as a brief summary. More detailed information is available from the Office of Student Affairs. Here are some pertinent highlights:

  • No one may sell or distribute alcoholic beverages without a license from OLCC if money is to change hands in any way. Sale is broadly defined to include any charge or fee for service, membership, admission, cups, club dues, donations, etc.
  • Not only is it illegal for persons under 21 to purchase, possess, or consume alcoholic beverages, but it is also illegal to sell or give alcoholic beverages to anyone under age 21. Additionally, it is against the law to serve alcoholic beverages to anyone, regardless of age, who is visibly intoxicated.
  • Open containers of alcoholic beverages are not permitted in motor vehicles or in any public place. (A student's room in a residence hall is a private place. In the context of the University's policies, all other places on campus are considered public, except when the use of alcohol is approved by the Vice President for Student Affairs for a specific event.).

University Policy on Alcohol Possession and Use

The University of Portland expects that all members of the University community and their guests who choose to lawfully use or serve alcoholic beverages will do so in a responsible manner. The primary purposes of the University's policies governing the on-campus use of alcoholic beverages and of its related programs and services are:

  1. To promote responsible attitudes regarding alcohol use and responsible behavior among all members of the University community.
  2. To educate individuals concerning the use and effects of alcohol in order to promote responsible decision-making.
  3. To make assistance available to individuals who may be experiencing difficulty associated with the use, misuse, or abuse of alcoholic beverages.

In light of the above-stated purposes and in compliance with state and federal laws, all University students are expected to comply with the following policies regarding the possession and use of alcohol.

  1. No person under the age of 21 may lawfully possess or consume alcoholic beverages in the State of Oregon. Students may be subject to University disciplinary action for underage possession, consumption, or transportation of alcoholic beverages, or for providing alcoholic beverages to any person who is underage.
  2. No person shall sell, give, or otherwise make available any alcoholic beverage to a person who is visibly intoxicated. a. Oregon’s third-party liability legislation makes it possible to sue the provider of the alcohol in cases where he or she has served an intoxicated person and this person has harmed his or herself or others.
  3. Entry into a licensed premise (i.e. bar) by a person under the age of 21 is prohibited. Students may be subject to University disciplinary action for this behavior or for possessing false identification that misrepresents age or identity.
  4. Except for persons holding the appropriate state licenses, no one shall sell, either directly or indirectly, alcoholic beverages. Examples of prohibited conduct that may subject a student to University discipline include but are not limited to charging admission to a party or selling cups.
  5. Students of legal drinking age may possess and consume alcoholic beverages in residence halls on campus subject to the following limitations: 
    1. Intoxication by any student, regardless of age, whether in public or private, is prohibited and subjects a student to University discipline. Symptoms of intoxication include but are not limited to slurred speech, impaired motor coordination, vomiting, loss of consciousness, and loss of good judgment. Such behavior may require transport to a hospital and will result in either in-hall or University discipline.
    2. Kegs or any containers holding over 32 oz. of alcohol are prohibited in all residence halls.
    3. Within traditional residence halls (i.e., all halls except for Haggerty & Tyson Halls), the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages or containers that contain in excess of 14 percent (14%) alcohol by volume is prohibited.
    4. Students living in any of the ‘Theme Houses’ are required to comply with the alcohol policy listed here as well as any additional requirements imposed by their theme housing agreement.
    5. Students of legal drinking age may possess and transport reasonable quantities of sealed alcohol in suitable packaging through public areas of campus and common areas of residence halls.
    6. Students may not transport, possess, or use open containers in any common spaces (i.e., hallways, stairwells, lounges, etc.).
    7. Students may not hang signs or advertisements for alcoholic beverages from windows, on doors, or in other publicly visible places.
    8. Students may not possess or display collections of alcohol containers.
    9. Abusive drinking is prohibited on campus. Potential violations of this policy include but are not limited to: participating in drinking games, drinking to the point of physical illness, “shotgunning” alcohol, and possessing beer bongs or other drinking devices.
    10. Print, electronic, and broadcast media funded in full or in part by the University, or by University solicited funds, or bearing the University's name, may not contain advertisements promoting alcohol or events that have alcohol as their primary focus. Also, advertising of alcoholic beverages is prohibited within University residence facilities.
    11. No graduate or undergraduate student, student organization or University housing facility may use University, student organization, or University housing facility funds for the purchase of alcohol.

Guidelines for Organizing an Event

The following guidelines are an application of the University Policy on Alcohol Possession and Use to follow when organizing an event with alcohol. For more information as you begin your planning, check with the Office of Student Affairs (503-943-8532).


The Vice President for Student Affairs, or his/her designee, acts on behalf of the University in exercising sole discretion as to whether alcohol may be allowed during any university event. The size and type of event, potential conflicts with other calendared events, and compliance with state laws are some of the factors which enter into this judgment. All events are expected to promote the responsible use of alcohol.

Purchase and serving of alcohol

Fees collected from students within a club or group may never be used directly to purchase alcohol. Caterers are typically engaged to provide and dispense alcohol for university events, since only people with special dispenser permits for the service of alcohol from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) may serve alcohol at an event.


All contracts between the University of Portland and vendors providing services such as catering, sound and lights, or security, must be signed by an Officer of the University. The event planning worksheet and approval form for serving alcohol at a University event must be completed and approved by the Vice President for Student Affairs, or his/her designee, before a contract with a specific caterer/licensed bartender who will supply and dispense the alcohol can be considered.


The University of Portland’s primary concern is for the health and welfare of its students and guests. Security arrangements must be made for all events involving large numbers of participants, especially when alcohol is served. Typically, if an event is on campus, University of Portland Campus Safety officers should be present. In certain off-campus venues, other security may be used, although UP Campus Safety officers are often asked to be present as well. In all cases, a method of responding to a visibly intoxicated or belligerent guest must be carefully thought out, including possible medical attention or removal from the event. A report of such incidents should be made to Campus Safety and/or to the Office of Student Affairs.


The focus of any advertisement should never be on the availability of alcohol at an event. Advertising for University events may not include brand names of specific alcoholic beverages, nor be promoted primarily as an opportunity to drink alcohol. Proof of Legal Drinking Age It is the responsibility of the licensed bartender/server to check for proof of age for anyone who wishes to drink alcoholic beverages. If the event organizers are made aware of any underage drinkers or any attempts to use falsified identification to obtain alcohol at an event, they are responsible for making this known to the security officer hired for the event and/or to the Office of Student Affairs following the event.

Quantity of Beverages

It is important to know the number of people invited when providing alcohol for an event. A general guideline in determining how much alcohol may be made available to participants is that your event should provide enough alcohol to offer only one standard drink (a glass of wine, a beer, or a mixed drink) per hour per person. With larger groups, wristbands with a limited number of removable tabs are a good way to monitor the amount of drinks an individual has been served. Other Beverages Non-alcoholic beverages must be made available in quantity, prominence, and accessibility at least equal to that of the alcoholic beverages to be served.


Sufficient food must be available for the number of guests anticipated whenever alcoholic beverages are to be served.

Alcohol Use Education

The Office of Student Activities regularly coordinates informational programs about the use and effects of alcohol. The University Health Center also provides prevention education for all students, and counseling services for anyone struggling with alcohol abuse. Educational information regarding the risks associated with alcohol and other substances and strategies for responsible use can be found on the Health Center’s webpage and/or through contacting the Wellness Education and Prevention Coordinator (503- 943-7134). All members of the university are invited and encouraged to avail themselves of these resources.

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