Information for Responding Parties

A responding party is someone designated to respond to a report submitted to the Title IX Office.  Generally, the Respondent is someone alleged to be responsible for behavior that is in violation of the university's Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment, Misconduct, and Violence Policy which may be found in Life on the Bluff.

If you are contacted by the Title IX Office, it's important to keep in mind that the Title IX Office is not taking action at that time, but rather would like to meet with you to follow-up on the report and further discuss the situation.  When you meet with the Title IX Office initially, you will not be required to provide a response or any information that day, but will instead be given time to prepare and submit your response to the report at a later day.

If you have been accused of sex discrimination, sexual violence, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, or other gender-based harassment, the following information may be useful.

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In-depth information on Title IX.

Being involved in the Title IX process may be stressful and challenging. Find someone to talk to on the Resources page.