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Thank you for your interest in Hiring a Pilot! We are here to help you navigate the deep waters of talent recruitment at the University of Portland. Whether you're searching for a full-time employee or a student to fill an internship, the Career Center can facilitate the process. Let us know how we can help advance your recruiting strategies!

University of Portland Fall Semester Update

  • University of Portland fall semester will be fully online. 
  • All Career Center fall events will be conducted virtually. We will assess at the end of the fall semester to determine plans for Spring 2021.

Key dates:

  • Fall Semester Starts: August 24
  • Fall Break: October 12 - October 16
  • Reading Week & Final Exams: December 1 – 10
  • Spring Semester Starts:  January 11

Meet your University of Portland Career Center talent development advocates!

Julia Mayfield

Julia Mayfield, Employer Relations & Alumni Outreach Manger

Interested in recruiting for post grad part-time or full-time jobs? Questions about employer engagement? 

Contact Julia at mayfield@up.edu and let her know how she can help advance your recruiting strategies!

Audrey Fancher

Audrey Fancher, Internship & Engagement Coordinator

Interested in hiring University of Portland students for an internship? Questions about what qualifies as an internship? 

Contact Audrey at fancher@up.edu 

To learn more about what qualifies as an internship, visit What is an Internship?   

Our Employer Guidelines (updated June 2017) can be found here: UP Career Center Employer Guidelines