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As of March 18, UP course instruction is now online and the Career Center is operating virtually. We look forward to continuing to partner with you. Visit our Virtual Employer Services page to learn how we can work together. 

Thank you for your interest in Hiring a Pilot! We are here to help you navigate the deep waters of talent recruitment at the University of Portland. Whether you're searching for a full-time employee or a student to fill an internship, the Career Center can facilitate the process. Let us know how we can help advance your recruiting strategies!


Meet your University of Portland Career Center talent development advocates!

Julia Mayfield

Julia Mayfield, Employer Relations & Alumni Outreach Manger

Interested in recruiting on campus for post grad part-time or full-time jobs? Questions about employer engagement? 

Contact Julia at mayfield@up.edu and let her know how she can help advance your recruiting strategies!

Audrey Fancher

Audrey Fancher, Internship & Engagement Coordinator

Interested in hiring University of Portland students for an internship? Questions about what qualifies as an internship? 

Contact Audrey at fancher@up.edu 

To learn more about what qualifies as an internship, visit What is an Internship?   

Our Employer Guidelines (updated June 2017) can be found here: UP Career Center Employer Guidelines