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What is Experiential Learning? 

Internships are one of the many experiential education opportunities at the University of Portland (UP). Students can also study abroad, complete practicums, undergraduate research, clinicals, co-ops, and many additional opportunities on campus. These are deemed “experiential learning” because they allow students to apply classroom knowledge in the real world. These experiences also allow you to learn the value of your education, develop self-awareness and explore future opportunities, and help you articulate your value to prospective employers. 

Internship Basics 

By completing an internship, you gain professional skills, assess strengths, explore career interests, and develop employer connections. Internships can be structured differently; for example, some might be focused on projects while others might fill an operational role at the employers' organization. Internships can be done any time of year, and the time commitment varies. Employers are often flexible with your school schedule. 

You can receive academic credit for an internship; however, these internships must be approved by UP in advance as they involve faculty supervision and guidance. Internships for academic credit can be paid or unpaid. See below for more information on Internships: 

For more information on this topic, be sure to check out the UP Career Readiness Guide and the Career Resource Library. 


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