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No tickets are needed for the Graduate Commencement Ceremony.


Special Accommodations:

Mobility Areas:

  1. Wheelchair-Access – Please find an usher who can show you the location of wheelchair areas. 
  2. Limited Mobility tickets – the first two rows will be reserved for those who cannot climb the stairs. Please see an usher for help identifying the seat locations. 

Communication Access:

  1. Communication Access – If your guests is deaf or hard-of-hearing whose primary language is ASL and who would like to be seated near an ASL interpreter. Please find an usher who can direct you to the correct location. Please note: The ceremony will be live captioned and shown on the video board in the Chiles Center which is visible for all guests. Guests are welcome to bring their own device to view live stream and captions.
  2. Spanish Language Access – the ceremony will be live interpreted into Spanish. Guests can check out headphones to listen to a live translation of the Commencement ceremony.

Other Special Accommodations

  1. If your guest needs another special accommodation, please share how we can best accommodate you by emailing

For answers to frequently asked questions about tickets, please visit the FAQ page.